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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Mt Huntington's, North face on the left, French Ridge aka NW Ridge center and the West face with the Harvard Route on the rib and just out of sight on the far right side, the Phantom Wall.  Phantom Wall was first climbed by Jay Smith and Paul Teare on their third attempt in 1991.  It has not had a second ascent despite a number of strong attempts.

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Mark Westman kindly allowed me to post his hi-def picture of the right side of  the West face of Huntington.  The Harvard Route takes the left hand spur in this picture.  Phantom Wall is directly above the climbers.    "Jared Vilhauer and Tim Dittmann making an attempt on the Phantom Wall last Saturday".  Make sure you dbl click both photos for full effect.  Thanks Mark!



Anonymous said...

Maybe they should try the phantom wall

Anonymous said...

The third ascent team called this the second ascent, but if no one summits or even comes close, how can that be considered a second ascent. As for the third ascent teams claim, they climbed less than a third of the route and didn't summit as well. Far from anything that could be considered an ascent. The second ascent still awaits.
But hey, at least both these teams should be credited with trying and being honest about what they did. They should call it an attempt or a variation, but not an ascent of the Phantom Wall. It deserves a complete ascent to call it "the second".