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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sauce and we aint talking Pizza!

Should be obvious that I never tire of looking at me ;-)  Really I need a better set of models or some friends because this is getting embarrassingly old.   I'm trying to get these three locals to model for me but haven't heard back yet.  May be it was the low pay or the obviously stolen photo?    I'll have to ask again.

                                                                Fred,  Saucy?

I am still trying to get organized and stuff put away and seeing what is missing from either being lost, stolen or just not delivered yet from this trip.

Couple of Buffs are gone, a bunch of climbing gear, some clothing and one favorite hat.  But thankfully not my Sauce!  Bought this thing in Bozeman @ Northern Lights  during the '11 Ice fest.  $30...not cheap but I liked the colors and the detailing.  No clue who the company was or where they were until a hour or so ago.

By the numbers:
Chill Toque,  $30.00
The Chill Toque is a fleece lined hat. Designed for warmth in cold weather, this is the warmest piece in the Sauce collection.

•Perfect for casual winter wear and low intensity winter activity
•The swirl closure, unique to Sauce Headwear, provides an escape for excess heat.
•The fleece lined headband, and double layer Meryl® upper will wick moisture and provide resistance to wind.

The Chill Toque is available in two sizes.
•Small/Medium for women with average or small heads and youth.
•Medium/Large for men or women who prefer a looser fit. 

I have climbed some in it and skied a bunch in it. 

Awesome colors, nice size, thickness and warmth.  Only down side is the black took a beating in the sun's UV over the last few months, Dec thru March.  But I liked the hat enough (and more than one person wanted it)  that I went looking for another.  Hard to find in the right color and size this time of year so I went to the source of Sauce, Shayla.  Got what I needed.  Another loud and  brightly colored print that won't fade in the sun is on the way.

Shayla is one of the poor Canadian immigrants trying to make her way in the cold commercial American outdoor industry.  She is one of us...a skier.    Cool hats.  Worth the coin and if you can keep your light fingered friends away from them should last a long time.  Couple of models available and they make freak'in head bands as well!      Everyone needs a new hat!

Hard to believe but I am just writing about gear I really liked and used a lot this winter.  The Sauce "Chill Toque" (Canadian for hat, knucklehead) was one of the few.

And yes, the new Ergos are sweet!

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