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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Monday, January 24, 2011


Every time I am lucky enough to visit SLC I get a terrible urge and want to move there. If you wonder is always sunny when visit and you can ice climb, ski and ride your road bike all in the same day if you were really ambitious. (well every time I've been here anyway ;)  And there are a few locals that actually such things.

A bunch have asked I document some of the ice climbing here. I'm stuck in the airport with time to kill so here ya go. This is Stairway to Heaven in easy conditions and light for the grade right now on the first 5 pitches.(thankfully!)

Here is a quick look at what the locals do before going to or after work...the bastards!  Make sure to dbl click to get some perspective.  And this is just the "junk" ice around the city.  Cool thing about OR?  There are plenty of rope guns running  around you can put to work ;)

10 min approach with the highway below and up to 10 pitches later in the winter.

Yep, they are the chit..BD's new, "Stinger" monopoint.
More coming on them shortly.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dane.
Is that a new plastic helmet from the BD that is gray and orange on the man in the orange jacket?


Dane said...

Not sure to be honest. I know they have some new colors coming out for the Half Dome (I think) but it could just as well be a new helmet. I'll ask and post the answer tomorrow.

Dane said...

Yes, good eye as I didn't notice. Likely too busy trying to figure out how to climb that day. The helmet is the new Half Dome. No clue on why it is new but it'll be out fall of 2011. I did notice BD had some cool new color combos though :) Thanks for pointing it out!

Unknown said...

Dane, is that you climbing with the Cobras and leashes? An all BD day?

Dane said...

Oscar :) Ha, ha! Me on leashes...ha, ha! No way even in Utah! Must be some silverback, old school, guy but it aint me!

No question a BD day though. I even borrowed a new Tracer. I flew into SLC with only boots and 'pons (stripped and custom done BD sabers for my Ultras, as they are the only thing that fits them)

I borrowed another pair of the new Fusions. My partners were both on the Cobras. All BD screws as well, unusual for me which I'll make a comment on later. Not my normal kit for sure but it all seemed to work just fine :)

Patrick said...

You should really add a google search bar to your website. It's practically impossible to find your older material.

Dane said...

Patrick good idea. You can also try the little search window in the top left hand corner of the screen. Just typed in metro ice and this thread came up.

A Goggle search with "Cold Thistle+ what ever you want to find" will generally get you simialr results.