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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Glove tech!

My buddy and uber hardman, Jon Jugenheimer, has a good idea I hadn't seen before for improving on our climbing gloves.  I'm a big OutDry fan but worth a look here to see what Jon and his friends have been doing.


JJ said...

p.s. I suck and am not a Hard man, and i learned this trick from a "Hard Man" ;)

Dane said...

Ya, just what the hard man would say :) Why do I think JayLo is involved here?

Tom said...

Why cut up $70+ gloves? Start with fairly warm gloves without the Goretex liners ($35 or less at a department store). If you want "waterproofing" without the stuffy liner, treat the outside of the cheap gloves with the same stuff used to refresh the water repellency of Goretex jackets.

Some mods are worth the effort, but I don't think the time and expense are justified in this case. After all the work they will still wear out in a season or two. The best advice on gloves: when you find some that do what you need then buy several pairs!

Dane said...

Hi Tom, funny that you should say that. The info and suggestion comes from a entire cadre of guys climbing hard mixed and really steep ice on a regular basis. They live in the Great Lakes region and climb on both sides of the border. They get some nasty weather and really cold temps. I have yet to cut up a pair of my own gloves but have been tempted a couple of times to get a better glove and a liner I know I can dry out on route or over night in the bag.

Here is a quick comment from another in that group on the idea.

"JL and the rest of us back here where it's really cold have been ripping liners out of gloves for quite a while with generally good results."

The thing about apinism is sometimes the simple and not so obvious answer can be the right answer. I may not do it myself to a $100 pair of gloves (as I said I am a big OutDry fan) but I think Jon's idea worth passing along.

YMMV...peace :)