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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cold climbing....and my buddy Dave's first helmet vid!

All done with a broken front you'll notice. And the last dinner plate that shifts the camera angle, breaks Dave's helmet. No harm, no foul, past that, amazingly enough. A good day out!


Chris S said...

Great video. A little tip it sounds like you didn't have the little grey or orange dohickey in the camera mount that's what caused the clicking sounds.

Good video showing off what it does

Anonymous said...

Did you lecture your partner on moving both tools before moving his feet? Not exactly the technique you have been pushing on the blog

Dane said...

Ha, Ha wondered when someone would catch that. In Dave's defense he was having some trouble getting his feet to stick with a broken crampon in the last 1000 feet of climbing. The ice being a bit hard and dinner plating...after many -25days, wasn't much help either.

Easy to revert back to the X pattern when you get nervious on lead. He had reason to be nervious.

I wasn't going to mention and I did post a picture of him earlier, before he broke a crampon that day. So he knows what he is suppose to be doing. I was just happy he was willing to keep climbing after a good barn door high on the route from popping the broken crampon. And the avis danger through the ceiling. We have been climbing together for 30
plus years so likely he has stopped listening to much I have to say 29+ years ago :) Be sure to leave a similar comment on his Youtube account.

Finally the last bit of support for my friend. Dave gets out on ice generally once a year. He lives in London and spends much of the time on the road in warm places like South Africa, Dubia or India. How many guys you know willing to jump on Polar Cirus and swing leads or solo much of the climb with that sort of run up?. Not many I know!

I'd bet he is pleased to have it all pointed out to him in public though :) He loves hecklers and always enjoys a good laugh.

Good on ya for catching it!

More of Dave while at work here: