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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Skis Part Two

I have a hard time editing with videos already online. So it was easier for me to do the video links and then list the skis I use. This is the follow up on those videos.

The list isn't a definitive by any means and lots of skis out there that could easily replace any of the skis listed, dozens likely in each  catagory, for every ski I listed.  Just what I happen to use right now.  But none were random picks either. 

Everything here is new this spring..after my skiing "disaster" in Cham last winter. I use to take skiing seriously.  I hadn't for a decade or two.  I am serious about my skiing now.

Like many things ski gear works in conjunction.  The ski is one of three parts, boots, skis and bindings.  The wrong combo can be like having track race rubber on your 4x4.  It might work but it will suck for the intended purpose.

I'm 6''1" and 205# and past 50. Very light on my feet (with skis anyway) and can ski a very low DIN setting in difficult conditions.  But often as not now I ski a super light and toe locked rando race binding. I generally try to never get my skis off the snow.  I like steep skiing, powder and terrible snow conditions.  Groomed snow I find boring.  But I learned what ever skills I do have skiing inbounds on groomed snow.  Most have.

There is some cross over in all of these.  The list is just how I look at them which isn't set in stone.

Climbing/ Spring Mtn skiing
(I want short, light and stiff )
Dynafit Se7en Summit 161cm
Dynafit Broad Peak 167cm

Alpine touring
(I want light and something that skis very well in all snow conditions)
La Sportiva Hi5 188cm
Dynafit Stoke 173cm
BD Aspect 178cm

Lift skiing on and off piste
(here it must ski well on hard  pack, groomed and soft snow)
BD Aspect 178cm
DP Wailer 112 190cm
La Sportiva Hi5 188cm

Big Mtn., lift served.
(soft snow,  breakable crust and terrible conditions)
La Sportiva Hi5 188cm
DP Wailer 112 190cm
DP Lotus 134 192cm

My last pair of new traditional skis were a pair of Rossignal 4G, 207cm.  Bindings were set at a DIN of 10.
I have used Marker, Salomon and Look bindings.  I now use various versions of Tech bindings from Dynafit, Plum and RT.  That use is defined by the boot I want to use, Dynafit TLT.  I'm happy with both decisions.

From my perspective the 161cm 7 Summit  is an extreme ski.  As are the 192cm Lotus.  The rest are pretty interchangeable for me really, depending on the snow conditions and the duration of the time outdoors.   I obviously have a few favorites in there that see more use than the rest.  Three here, I could live with as a single quiver ski.  Better yet the same ski in two lengths which I have not yet done.

Your list may be even more specialised or just a single pair of skis.  The more diverse the terrain you ski the more likely you want more than one pair.  Hope this helps a bit with your own choices.

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