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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Saturday, August 13, 2011

More on rockered skis...

This is a good read.  Should be no surprise why I like the La Sportiva Hi5 so much...with a 410cm of rocker on tips on my 188s.  The lwt weight and straight tail profile I like even better in the back country.

Not everything is rockered on this list some simply have an early rise tip which isn't the same as rockered but it makes decent comparison, I think.  All are great ski in my opinion

Mustagh SL 187cm 6lb 9oz 122-88-111   early rise tip

Aspect 186cm 7 lb 2 oz* 130 / 90 / 117  trad tip profile

Drift 186 cm 7 lb 10 oz 138/ 100/ 123  early rise tip

Hi5 188cm 8lb 10oz* 135 / 105 / 125  410mm rockered tip, straight and square cut tail

Stoke 191cm 7 lb 14oz 134 / 108 / 122 early rise tip

Wailer Carbon 190cm 8lb* 141/ 112 / 128    450mm rocker tip and 400mm rockered tail

Megawatt 188cm 11 lb 4 oz 151-125-131 rockered tip and semi rockered tail

* actual weights of my skis, not the factory numbers

For a side country and lift ski I'll have a review up on the DPS Wailer 112 Carbon when the snow flies again.

More on my thoughts of another seriously fun rockered ski.

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