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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Monday, February 18, 2013

O2 as a performance enhancer?

EpicTV Interviews: Ueli Steck On Climbing Everest Without Oxygen from EpicTVAdventure on Vimeo.

"There is no difficulty. It's just the high altitude that is difficult."

"It's really easy to explain: all these people climbing with oxygen they're really just climbing a 6000m peak."

"You either cheat or you don't cheat"


Anonymous said...

"Sorry, these people who climb in down suits, they are really just climbing on a tropical volcano."
Said no one ever.

Anonymous said...

To the reply posted above... We all draw the line somewhere. Where you draw yours may be different than where I draw mine. Your apparent disagreement with where Ueli's "line" resides doesn't negate the reality of his statement.

Ian said...

Is using a Sherpa guide cheating, Ueli?

brian p. harder said...

"Down suits are cheating". I love this shit!

Fortunately, Ueli's Sherpa partner was just that, a partner. Funny that Ueli left him up there anyway. Probably was freezing his ass off. But Ueli didn't need no stinking guide! He knew the way from his first attempt.

Dane said...

In context and knowing a few of the players...there is some pretty funny chit (or was it BS ;) in that video.