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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Monday, February 4, 2013

Chuck Norris and the Mortal, M8r/x, WI7 90m. aka "Chucky"

Y'all be careful out there!
Banks Lake, Mile Marker 11.2

FA  "Chuck Norris & the Mortal"
A2, M8 WI7, 2P, 90m.
Craig Pope, Scott Coldiron, Jan. 31, 2013

Second ascent and
FFA "Chuck Norris & the Mortal",  AKA "Chucky"
M8 r/x WI7, 2P, 90m.
Craig Pope, Jess Roskelley, Feb, 2, 2013

Small set of nuts
BD Peckers
BD Specter

Steep intro moves to p1

P1 ice was de-laminated to the point of rock pro only. Slung a gas pocket.

Shakin off the cold...

Bottom pitch with 2nd Looming above

More detail of the crazy

Top of 2nd p crux - PUMP!

Delicately sneaking up...

First "rest..."

Sizing up the never ending madness!

Snapping a quick shot - cause I HAD too!! 30 ft out from a BD 000 C3 equalized with a #1 wild, even after I cleared a ton if ice...

Peaking out of the hole I carved out of a curtain...SUPER bummed about the fog...

Throwing up a hell yeah before dancing up the last 60 ft.

Looking down into space from the final belay..."

editor's note:
Really fun for me to add one of the best mixed climbs I have seen locally and a BIG Congratulations!... to Craig, Jess and Scott for getting it done!


Anonymous said...

Very nice guys !! Nicely done, good on you for
Putting up that wild route. Setting the bar high
and inspiring the new generation.

PurpleJesus1994 said...

Balls out!!!

Anonymous said...

The rack beta was should read: "one LARGE set of nuts"

Anonymous said...


Cale Hoopes said...

Seriously awesome! Unbelievable send!