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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Monday, February 4, 2013

Piton Hybrid? It is true...

Happy Man in a Piton Hybrid.

You know when you are talking gear with a designer and he complains (only a little mind you) that his original design has now been some what usurped by a new product, that there is something to  it.
Especially if you liked the original and really like the newest "version" even more.

In this case the Patagonia Piton Hybrid Piton Hoody was the topic of discussion.  The product that it closely resembles is the R1 Hoody.  I own and use both.

But seldom, if ever, can I remember making two blog posts in such a short amount of time on a single product.  I recently bought 2 more on the Internet at retail!  And now my wife has one as well.  It is a Patagonia insurgency here!  Weird that, as I am not generally a big fan of Patagonia. 

But when one piece of clothing rapidly becomes my choice for everything from a fast ski run, to an alpine ice climb, bank the fact it is a good piece of outdoor clothing.  Way better than first impression might leave you with. When I want to watch TV in mine  (yes I admit to it, I watch TV on occasion) I know something is up.  When I can run on a wet and miserable day in it...BC ski in it with out a shell......well you get the idea.  Most anything I do I might want to use a Piton Hybrid.   No thumb holes which I like.  But long sleeves.  Great hood.  Water and wind resistant inserts and a long, well fitted body.  Full zip.  One chest pocket.  And super comfortable as a base layer, mid layer or even a outer layer.  How many pieces of clothing that can  do all three for you with little or no compromise?

Few pieces of gear have impressed me this much. Phantom 6000 with Baruntse liners, the Nomic, CCW packs, the TLT.  Nothing in clothing I'd add to the list.  And we all know I like much of the the current clothing lines.

Piton again, with no shell required, on a mid winter summit.

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Anonymous said...

Is the Piton going to take the place of the Atom lt in your setup?


Dane said...

Matt, the Piton Hybrid won't replace the Atom Lt (I don't think). More options as a garment than the Atom LT though. I'll own both for a while yet. But if you were to ask me which I would buy first for a "systems" approach, I would suggest the Piton Hybrid as your first piece.

Just knowing that and wondering if I might switch (and I might at times) the Piton for a Atom LT full time should tell you a lot about how versital the Piton really is. More breathable than the LT and less wind resistant. But not an R1 either. The Piton Hybrid is a weird one. In a good way. I like how quickly and easily I have been able to adopt it into my climbing system. And at under $120 on sale (half of an Atom LT generally) I like it a lot.

Dee said...

Dane, For winter ski touring and summer alpine, what do you think of Long sleeve base layer, Piton Hoody, Patagonia Hoodini or Arcterx Squamish, with a Atom Lt or a Patagonia Nano Puff Sweater in the rucksack?

Dane said...

Diamuid? Brilliant :) Pretty much the combo I am using now. Lots of combos available, that is just one I actually use.

More likely a lwt down jacket or Nano in the pack these days instead of the Atom LT.

The side vents are a problem if you are looking for an insulation layer. You might find the lwt shell withthe Piton redundant at times as well.

JP-7 said...

Got my Piton in the mail today. It was instant love when I tried it on--I dig the hood and the blue/green colors. 5'9", 160 and a Medium fits perfect. 10 minutes later I was skinning up the hill trying it out. I decided to use it as a base/only layer (Squamish and Atom Lt in the pack as backups). It's a balmy 32F in Anchorage today with zero wind, causing me to unzip near the bottom and pull my arms out and essentially go shirtless. Why not, snow makes you look tan, no matter how white you are. :) Once out in the pass and out of the trees where the wind picked up, it came back on for the rest of the way up and then for the downhill. I love it! Super comfy against the skin. I agree it won't replace the Atom, but fits right in with the rest of my system. Which is: Patagonia merino base layer, Piton Hybrid, Squamish, Atom Lt, Nano pullover (or jacket), Beta FL, EB Peak XV.... pick and choose as conditions dictate...For a cold day and working hard, I am foreseeing (merino base option) + Piton (maybe as base too) + Squamish (as wind requires). Atom Lt in the pack. Beta FL overtop if resort skiing or wind/temps require. Thanks for the recommendation!

JP said...

I might order one online and I have nowhere to try for real before buying. Is the zipper annoying when it is fully zipped? it looks like it would be at mouth level.

I'm surprised because The R1 hoody had an offset zipper at face height.

Dane said...

Straight zipper and makes a great T neck. I love the collar and T neck the zipper makes on this one. Very comfy. I don't think you will be disappointed. I wear a Piton much of the time now..around town or in the BC. Much as I have use the R1 Hoody I would never do that with one.

JP said...

Thanks for the info Dane !

Currently trying to order one directly from the patagonia store (discounted at 125$) but can't seem to be able ton enter a Canadian billing address (trying to ship it to a friend in the USA as they do not ship to Canada from the US store)

How did you manage to order them?

Do you have other online store recommandations?

I live in Quebec and there's no Patagonia store around.

Dane said...

JP, there are several mail order retailers listed in the previous Piton hoody link that is included in this review.