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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Institutional Memory

Institutional memory is a collective set of facts, concepts, experiences and know-how held by a group of people. As it transcends the individual, it requires the ongoing transmission of these memories between members of this group.

The collective memory of the tribe.

I had hoped that Cold Thistle would be a source of Institutional Memory for our tribe, alpine and ice climbers.  For the most part I think it is.  Heavy on gear, light on climbing stories, visions and deeds. 

Intentionally so if it is just me writing here.   A few changes recently, with Twight weighing in.  More with Craig and others coming.  Bruno and a few others prior that have really helped out and hopefully will continue as they have time and interest.

I'm happy to see any one involved that cares about the "tribe".  And my pleasure to host the resource.

But!  And it is a BIG but!

I've said it many times.  What I write is only my experience.  If it helps you great.  If not,  "turn off the CT and step away Amigo".  No harm no foul.  My only claim to fame, if I have one at all, is staying alive this long while active in the mountains and thankfully not getting anyone hurt.  That isn't gear related, more likely a set of skills buried between your ears.  One begets the other.

The guys that should be writing here, telling stories, sharing their passion and reviewing gear don't have the time, don't care or have much better things to do.  Like climbing, or spending precious time with their families or flossing their dog's teeth.

So what you get for the most part here, is me.   I am certainly proud of my accomplishments and that I am still climbing.  But trust me, I know lots of guys as old as I am, or older, pulling I am sitting here writing.  I don't need a reminder.  Many of the guys are DEAD that should have been writing here.  It is a never ending and long list of excuses.  If you think it needs to be done better...feel free to copy my format or better it and soldier on.  Or send me content to add here, unedited.

So if you want to know who I am...and it is a fair question, the short version is linked below.  If it isn't enough, sorry, it is all I got.  Unless of course you want to help out with my dog's teeth.

One of my first posts at Cold Thistle:

Friday, January 29, 2010

Where did I come from?
If you are going to be reading the blog seems like a fair question that deserves an answer. Not every summit is listed here or every climb pictured here a success. But simply where I have been. And looking back what seems important to me today.

Canadian water ice, winter1972/73
On the top of Cascade.
the rest is here:

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Ivan said...

Dane, I've just discovered this world of climbing, and I find your posts really interesting. Keep them coming buddy!