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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The shell test is done!

Two days and literally inches of rain fell before it finally turned to wet snow as we climbed into Spray Park.  Then at 2AM Saturday (day 3) morning the moon came out and the temps dropped to 15 degrees F.   We were able to get some of our gear dried over night and a short climb in before the nasty NW weather rolled back in late today.

Miserable for the majority of it but very educational and well worth the effort.  But not an experience I (or the rest of the CT test Team )  want to repeat any time soon.  There is a reason I like climbing in the dead of winter!  I like water best in FROZEN form.

More to come once we get all the gear dried out and and our field notes into hard copy.  Some obvious winners and losers on this one.  There is no ignoring ice cold water running down your back in these conditions.   Or the specific jackets that we all ended up favoring during the monsoon.


Anonymous said...

Nice trip Dane hope to see the review soon!

Couple of questions

Was the trip done in northwest style
(nasty bushwhacking+rain)?

Did this trip classify as "type 2 fun"?

Best regards

Dane said...

No bushwacking thank goodness....I just couldn't bare it. But we did have a wee bit of rain.

fulton said...

Nice shot of Dougie wondering if he's wearing the right boots on the correct feet. Glad to you kids got out.

Zoran Vasic said...

Are you on the picture checking your Blog on your portable device? Dane, have a break from the Web! Concentrate on your shell performance! OK?!

Just kidding ...