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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Saturday, October 15, 2011

La Sportiva Hi5 rock!

New snow is down and we are skiing in the NW again.  Time to think about new ski may be?

The worst reviews I have ever read in hard copy have been on an 7K meter down jacket, the Eddie Bauer Peak VX, reviewed as a cold weather bouldering jacket.  And more recently the La Sportiva Hi 5 as an all mountain ski.

No doubt the writer in the Peak XV writes ot his experience level and customer base.

The more recent dismal review of the Hi5 as an "all mountain ski" I can't find a reason for that other than ignorance and being so lazy they couldn't make a turn on them in the back country.

I own a lot of skis these days.  And I paid a premium for the La Sportiva's Hi5s by comparison.

This blog is a simple response for the poor bastard looking for decent HI5 info.

I love this ski. I used it in terrible conditions inside the area and more in the back country.  It skis every bit as good as my Stokes in similar terrain and conditions and may be a little better from my perspective.  Both the Stoke and the Hi5 were NEVER intended to be all mountain resort skis although I use both there knowing their limitations inside the ski area.  You don't need five buckles to drive them and they are actually cut for skins.   The hole in the tip should have been a small indication what the ski was designed for.  Put them on you pack and you know why you bought them.  For true "all mountain" touring they rock.

I like the Hi5 enough I am temped to buy either a longer pair or a shorter pair. 

Do a search here for the Hi5.  The info is at least real and you know who wrote it.


JP said...

Hi Dane,

I bought a Peak XV coat just this last summer before I moved out to Alaska. I haven't put it to the test yet, but everything about the jacket says "quality." EB is having a sale right now for 30% off. $245 for the current version or $210 (!) for the previous season is a stupid low price! You could get two of these for the price of one TNF or Marmot coat. You simply can't beat that deal.

Anonymous said...

What bindings are on those?

Dane said...

La Spotiva's version of the RT.

more here:

Ian said...

The LS Skis and bindings just hit the pro account. What to do, what to do!

Dane said...

He who hesitates and all.....the Hi5 was gone in hrs on my list.

I did finally get a pair of my own skins though.

Ian said...

Indeed, gone quick. I chose happy wife so no new skis... :(

David said...


Any comments on the torsional stiffness and/or tendency of the Hi-5 to get knocked around tracked snow and crud? I'm trying to decide between it and the new pure DPS 99 Wailer


Dane said...

It is a great crud ski with a speed llimit but very light weight so easy to haul around in the back country. For that I like it better than my DPS 112 Carbons.

Anonymous said...

Demoed this ski in a 168 at Whistler/Blackcomb and loved it. Took them out a little way into the Spearhead and back the first day to test skinning and slackcountry capabilities, then skied inbounds the second day for a grand total of every imaginable condition except deep powder. They performed miraculously on dust-on-crust, glue, wind-blown powder studded with death muffins, crud, nasty bumps, and lower mountain corn. They edge like a dream, even on steep icy bumps. I'm 5'6", 125 pounds, and the rocker tips sailed me right over all kinds of stuff that usually throws me around. My only quibble is the La Sportiva bindings. I’m used to Dynafit, and found these fiddly, given that you have to step in, then punch the break down as a separate task. I had one minor incident where a ski popped off, and the break did not deploy (no, the breaks were not in permanent lock-down mode) and I had a run-away ski situation that fortunately ended up ok. If I got these, I’d put Dynafit bindings on them. But I love that someone my size can ski these aggressively and suffer no girly marketing, flowery graphics, or dumb names.

japes said...


What boots did you use for this Hi5/RT set-up? I'm thinking of doing the same set up but with La Sportiva's new Spitfire boots this upcoming season but I'm afraid the boots won't have enough power for the girth of the Hi5 skis. I'm not much of a hard-charger but I want the fat skis for Wasatch powder days. I wouldn't consider myself a free-ride tourer, more of a skimo guy looking for enough ski to handle deep powder. Have you had any experience with the Spitfires or know someone who has?

Dane said...

I normally use the TLT Carbons/no tongue with that skis but have used the TLT mtns and the Dynafit carbon Zero 4 Green machine. But the Zero 4 is better used on my DPS 138s.

I've played with the newest La Sportiva boots and any of them are plenty enough boot to turn and run the Hi5s. Awesome ski...just make sure you buy them long enough.

japes said...

Thanks for your help Dane!

EdgeSport said...

La Sportiva just told me that they won't be updating the Hi5 this year. I wish I would have pulled the trigger on the end of season sales. Anyone know of someone selling their used 188's?