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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Here is a squared away customer base!

Hi5s and DPS 112s,  Anchorage kids obviously know how to play!
Only thing missing here are Dynafit TLT 5s.


noah said...

The new BD carbon Justice in the picture is pretty sweet also.

Michael said...

Love to hear your comparison of the Wailer112 vs Hi5 as I choose one to replace my mantras for resort and backcountry. Posted a longer version of this question and related boot question at

Dane said...

For some reason they are not posting my response to your question on WS.

From personal experience I agree on the Boa liners as well. One of the best boot fitters in Cham seems to as well and is forced into replacing almost evey BD sell with a Palau liner. Almost a joke when I came in to get my new liners remolded again. They were willing but I had to suggest the new liner…then I was told the “joke” about the Boa. Ca..ching..add $150 to the price of your new BD boots.

Both are great skis imo. 112s have a higher speed limit on groomed than the Hi5 which shouldn’t be a surprise. But I have no desire to out pace either in good snow. The 105/112 mid ski you would notice as well. No desire to ski the 112s with skins or in the back country though unless it is lift served …like tram, a snow cat or Helo..