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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Classic Rocky's limestone

Everyone should get in some of this fun!   One of Temple's classics.

Greenwood/Locke, Mt. Temple aka 'the Eiger of the Rockies' from Joshua Lavigne on Vimeo.

The author's write up is worth a look as well.


David Willsie said...

What a chosspile!

Dane said...

Actually in the grand sheme of things the North face of Temple has some decent limestone compared to else where in the Range.

But for most it is an acquired taste no doubt :) Love seeing the amount of rock fall inbedded on the ice fields.

David Willsie said...

you can definitely see where the eiger of north america tag came from - the ice fields look like bomb zones.