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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The "new" alpine ice boots?

These are all new to me and the blog anyway.   After all the blog is suppose to about alpine ice and winter climbing.  Not the foo-foo world of skiing :)  Some really good boots available these days for cold weather climbing.  The key is finding the one pair that fits YOU the best!  Hopefully I'll be able to shed some light on that part of the process with the up coming reviews, weights and comparisons.

A few of the boots here now or coming shortly for reviews.  I can do better than the stock pictures I pulled off the net this morning :)






La Sportiva Nepal Cube

Mammut Nordwand TL
Lowa 6000
and the newest Lowa 6000 below
Lowa Katok XT

Salewa Pro Guide
Scarpa Rebel Pro


Anonymous said...

Lowa 6000 is soooo dated. Been trying them a couple of years ago in Zakopane (along with Lowa 8000). The fit was completely off, bad heel hold for my rather average feet, and entire construction seemed dated. Gater closure seemed awkward, too.

Lowa 8000 was WAYS better in EVERY aspect, incl. maybe for technical sections. No big&clunky feel of LS Olympus Mons, better fit (and seemingly good heel hold), better made. NOT cheaper :-(

I should really try on Zamberlan's (and that's m, not n) 8000 boot, but didn't had a chance yet. Only been trying factory waste - they do not throw misglued boots in a bin, instead they send them for free to shops for display (so the customers can judge about construction, despite it's waste), but naturally the fit of misglued boot is non-existent :-)
M., Ukraine

Dane said...

Wow, tough crowd this morning :) Fixed the typo, saw the prices and while the 6000 is pictured Lowa has a new boot I was most impressed with. Just ddin't have a picture or the actual boot as of yet so used the 6000 to represent Lowa's efforts.

Unknown said...

Dane, I'm looking to invest in my first pair of proper climbing boots for this winter in Scotland and summer in the Alps. (I'm currently wearing Scarpa Mantas.)

I like the idea of light weight boots and so i've narrowed my choice down to the Phantom Ultra or the Sportiva Trango Extreme. would you say these are a good choice or would i be better waiting on the next wave of boots you've been seeing at OR?


Dane said...

Hi Allen,
It really depends on what fits you. But Scarpa and La Sportiva offer some great choices. As do the others. Be sure to look at the Rebel Ultra as well. It is my current choice in a lwt ice boot as you have described.

Harpo said...

Hi Dane, I hope this is ok to post on your blog. I have two pair of Asolo eiger GV boots for sale. 1 pair size 10 us 42 and 2/3 ero, 1 pair 9.5 us 42 and 1/3 euro. 10 was worn on one short snow hike, 9.5 was never worn outside. Carbon shank I think. Crampon heel lever in back no ledge in front so semi auto cramp compatible. Super light. $500 retail asking $350 Obo for these. Pics if u want them. They just didn't fit me and I can't return them. I am in Tahoe. . anthonyrabinowitz at att dot net

Gareth said...

Out of curios how well do BD's stingers fit the Zamberlan Eiger?

Dane said...

All the newest Zamberlans have the same sole profiles. Crampons are easy across the board. Petzl is a little tight, a dremel made them prefect. BD and Grivel are easy.