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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The mystery audience?

In the last week this particular blog post has been read over 5000 times.
Generally you can track that kind of traffic to a source of and understand why the interest.  This time I can not do so for some reason.  No electronic foot print to follow.  Nothing.

Several days with 7K visitors from Germany alone, now this.  Very strange.  Any ideas?

"The Elitist Attitude"..a must read for the Outdoo...
Feb 3, 2013, 12 comments


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's that photo of your 911.

Anonymous said...


I tend to use anti-tracking browser plug-ins, etc.

Perhaps a larger proportion of your readers are making the effort to do the same given the recent publicity around NSA activities.

Just a guess.

Unknown said...

maybe a link referrer? I've had a few hundred hits on a particular blogpost from one too.

Unknown said...
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Gordon Green said...

I woke up one morning to find I had 70+ hits from Latvia in the space of 2 hours. Then no more Latvian hits for ages.

BTW Your weekly hits are about half of what I've had in 4 years :-)

I'm just pleased that folk do read my Blog - including a fair number from the USA.

Will B. said...

dude. you are talking about the one thing germans love more then beer: super high-end gear. This one is a no brainer

Anonymous said...

I, for one, tend to employ maximum security and privacy. Custom mozilla-based browser with custom addons on custom UNIX patched by hand and thoroughly tested, and I come from different IP every time. All my traffic is strongly encrypted, too. I even have UNIX syscalls filtered in said browser, so it can not do anything bad with my local user account, or else it will be killed by kernel.

Why should "they" know what interests me? Why should I accept automatic personal data mining that they do now-a-days?

Funny thing: with this approach Google won't let me search sometimes. It either says I'm robot, or displays capcha over and over again. I guess they're just not "ok" with you when they can not spy on you :-D But, helps (same google, different theme, no tracking).


Thomas Hornsby said...

I have not updated my blog in over 2 years. I am still getting hits from Germany and Russia. It was a fairly specific blog and was not broadcast on the internet at all.

Looking at my overall stats I have had more non english country hits than in english speaking countries.