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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Thursday, August 15, 2013

More from Summer OR 2013

New Trango Cube

I am jammed for time right now and haven't been able to write up much of what I saw at OR.
So here is a drive by of my highlights.  Hopefully more thoughts to come on each piece when I get time.

La Sportiva rock shoes..

The newest La Sportiva touring free ride boot...4 buckles! 

DMM's newest tools

Trango with a proper gear sling and a innovative and nifty rope tarp

Grivel's crampon binding conversion kit!!

OR's Astroman rock climbing shirt...which I really liked!
It is a very limited market, with a really cheap core audience. Bravo for OR  jumping into that snake pit.

New tech approach shoes from Scarpa

a new, flat lasted trad shoe

Much anticipated Pro version of the Rebel Carbon.
It takes clip on crampon now has a bit of insulation and worth the wait I suspect. 
The Rebel Ultra certainly was.

A mini biner I really liked from Edelrid

I hate lockers...but not this one...stoked on Edelrid here!

MSR Reactor is likely headed for the bin....Newest Jetboil rooooocccckkks!

OK, no question, I want a Machine 3.0!
Not really very sociable to just bring pictures to OR ;=)

Two sizes and two colors..Acrteryx's newest climbing pack is slllllick!

Camp as always has the goods...not new but it is the goods! 

New pack from Metolius....that is built from haul bag material

And a 000 TCU...for thinnnn cracks

Mammut's climbing harness in sew into their  pants and shorts now.  Kool idea.

My personal RAB model in the new award winning lwts.

More Scarpa porn.....yes I want two of the three
and no I can't afford them all either!

and some of the newest Dynafits TLT 6s as well!

My '80s brief case for comparison and the smallest Grivel haul pag/day pack.

Rolex Sub and the newest Luminox Navy Spec watch,

Mountain Equipment down!  But they did indeed have more than just down.

There is more but I wanted to get some of the newest stuff out there for you to see.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dane,

Now you've seen the goods, do you think the DMM switch is getting on the heavy side, according to the web site it's 100g heavier than the Nomic?
Also is that a new last for the La Sportiva rock shoes, less pointy?
Finally when's the boot off between the Ultra and Pro?

Dane said...

I've only seen it..not used any of it yet. So no clue at the moment. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Did you see any waterproof, Encapsil down from Pata-Gucci?

Anonymous said...

Very excited to try on the Rebel Pro as my new all-year mountaineering and ice climbing boot.

Any word on updates to the doubles like the Baruntse?

Dane said...

Nothing new on the dbl boots yet but winter OR is just 6 months away. I would expect/hope for another jump in technology there at some point in the near future.

Anonymous said...

This Arc'téryx bag looks nice ! I couldn't read the name on the picture... When is it going to be released ? Thanks !

Dane said...

Spring on the release date...

Nicolai Michel said...

What are your thoughts on the lack of compression straps on the Arc'teryx pack?

Dane said...

I don't use compressions straps on any of my own climbing packs. I do on some of my ski packs.