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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Gore-Tex Pro @ Arc'teryx

Choose carefully.
more here:!


Unknown said...

Fun video, but completely void of any technical details. Has Gore made any breakthroughs or is this the same old membrane with different fabrics/venting options? Looking at Greg Hill's tester piece, they're likely doing some more body mapping. Nothing really new there. My guess is Pro still has 0 CFM...Not bad stuff for a slow day in the wet...

Dane said...

Everyone in the industry makes all sorts of claims. Total lack of detail in the promo as you say. Cauthorn says it is a "new generation". Good enough for me.

Any video is a sells pitch. I just happened to like this one.

The link included is worth a visit as well.

I've found a few of the Arcteryx GTX pieces to work much better in the mtns than you have suggested.

Unknown said...

Fair enough. I suppose "slow" is relative. Climbing hard is generally slow, as is belaying...especially belaying in a waterfall, where I would definitely not complain about having a Gore product. Generally feel the same about resort skiing in really wet storms even though I definitely don't consider myself "slow" on the down (but who does). Pushing into the aerobic/anaerobic levels extensively and remaining comfortable with a Gore product on seems tough...especially Gore Pro Shell. I think you'll naturally "slow" to reduce heat output.

Love the reviews of the shift, focus and FL. Have been very tempted to purchase one of the lightweight eVent offerings like the focus for alpine climbing. However, it's so similar to my old Arcteryx Alpha SL in features and use, it's hard to justify.

The old Alpha SL (13oz) is still going strong...and mostly not going since most of the time the R1/houdini/puffy is sufficient... The obvious difference from my SL here being the awesome new fabrics compared to pac-lite...which, of course, is what this is all about. But I wear a hard shell so little that I generally come back to the reasoning of "for my limited wet condition use, the pac-lite get's the job done and I'm not going to drop the houdini from the alpine climbing kit list."

At least I dont think I will...If I switched from the SL to the focus and dropped the Houdini I would save 7oz. That's more than 0!