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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Some times I am amazed at just how far.....

behind the outdoor industry is from their consumers and what is available on a limited  basis.

 Classic examples of what is still missing in a broader sampling or simply still missing.

Tech fitting in a alpine climbing boot?

Universal umbilical attachment point?

Alpine ski boots that you can *really* climb in?

Ski packs that easily carry skis?

Along those lines:

It takes so little to carry a pair of modern lwt mountaineering skis.  Two simple straps is really all that is required.  A cut resistant bottom loop.  The loop just needs to be  big enough so both ski tails will go through.  And a top strap to latch them to the pack.  If you want a quick transition ski set up just add a bungee cord and a simple hook (if you are making your own a peg board hook is perfect) to latch the edge of your skis instead of buckling your skis tight in the upper position.  Camp and Dynafit have had this one figured out for a while now.  I've been using one or another ffor the past 3 seasons and really like them!

50+ year old ski carry technology

Still a good working arrangement are simple side or side compression straps.  Again 50+ year old technology.   But there are better, more simple answers, now.  And a much easier system to use in the mountains.

Start with a cut resistant bottom loop that will take both ski tails at one time.
This one is Kevlar cord and a plastic tube over the top of the Kevlar.  Perfect use of materials imo.

Add a simple strap or a hook as the top strap (or better yet, both) depending on what you require for ease of transition or security.

strap here with a Fastex buckle fixed at the shoulder harness

 Hook here with a bungee going to the shoulder strap.
I broke my original aluminum hook, catching it on a chair lift.  Fretted about it for days until I found that a peg board hook again, covered in plastic tubing, made a perfect replacement.

Even with a super light weight and small (-20L) you can carry some good sized, modern skis in comfort..

Off you go now!  "a happy clam"  ;-)

Both Dynafit and Camp offer a limited selection of ski mo packs that use this kind of ski carry system.  These packs aren't for everyone and certainly an acquired taste.  But no reason the ski carry system can't be Incorporated into other packs.  It is a system we'll eventually see more of.  Be nice if it were sooner than later.


Ian said...

The problem with putting tech bindings in climbing boots is that people will want to ski in them. The logical progression is a ski boot that climbs well (enough).

Interestingly, I was at the Mountain Shop in Portland yesterday and asked them how double boots sales were doing. They stated the new lightweight AT boots, such as the TLT5 and LS Spitfire, have taken a serious bite out of double boot sales. Clearly they are servicing a demographic that is mainly climbing Cascades volcanoes but none the less, the the AT boots have traction in the market.

Wilson Alpine said...

In my Teton-centric view, the real problem is not having tech fittings in my climbing boots. I'm not sure why Ian wants to save me from myself. My TLT5s are boot enough for getting up the low fifth class stuff and easy ice but imagine having spantiks or baturas and a pair of 800gram per foot skis. Oh what places we would go. I'm not asking for a ski kit, I'm asking for a light-weight climbing kit that gets me farther faster while being pounds lighter. North Face GFT, Nimbus, South Buttress Moran. I'm dreaming and scheming!!