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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Friday, April 19, 2013

DPS Wailer 112 RPC review...aka "DPS Lotus 115"

Happy man on a DPS RPC


Product:  DPS 112 RPC (Pure Carbon construction)
Length Tested: 192cm
Turn Radius: 20-23m  
side cut: 144mm-115mm-127mm
Tip rocker: 480mm
Tail rocker: 384mm
Running length: 1510mm
Weight: per skis: 4lb. 5oz. 
Binding: Dynfit Radical Speed
Mount point: +1cm forward of suggested
Ski weight with bindings: 5lb. 2oz. per ski

Environment & Conditions:
Location of Test: Crystal Mountain Washington
Number of Runs: 5 full days over a 10 day late spring storm cycle
Snow Conditions: from hard packed, rain ice, to 3 feet of new mid winter snow
Demo or Own: own
Tester Info:
Height/Weight: 6'1" 190lb
Ski Days/Season: 30+
Years Skiing: 30+
Aggressiveness: Moderate 
Current Quiver: Huascaran, Aspect,  GTR, Lo5, Hi5, 112RP, 138, Broad Peak, 112RP, 138.
Home Area: Silver Mtn Idaho, Crystal Mtn and Alpental WA.
Preferred Terrain: off-piste, trees, steeps

DPS sez: The RPC shape gives up some of the Wailer 112RP's hard snow carving performance and versatility in exchange for enhanced crud and powder velocity. 
Testing">">Testing my new DPS RPC 192
from Windbroproduction">Windbroproduction> on Vimeo.">Vimeo.>


Dean McQuillen said...

What boots/bindings are you using? I just bought the RPC Pure 3s, I'm currently on Volkl Mantras which I like very much. My idea with these DPS's is to set them up with tech-bindings - I was thinking about either the Diamir Vipecs (I know, I'm told they're hard to get into) or the yet to be released G3 ION's. My Mantras have Fritchi Freerides on them - it's a bomb-proof, great set-up, but heavy, and I do hike a fair amount. I'm 205 pounds and ski aggressively - the Beasts were a thought, but they're too heavy (I don't need DIN 16). I read between the lines regarding reviews you referenced on the RPCs, the testers were considerably lighter than I am, and the turning radius of the RP's didn't make me too excited. Your review reflects what I'm expecting from these sticks.

Dane said...

Hi Dean,

I am skiing a Speed Radical with a Dynafit 6mm tos shim to lower the ramp for my RPC. Which means I don't use brakes but leashes to lower ramp angle as well. I have used the Maestrale RS, TLT5 P, ONE, and now the TLT6 P this ski. Love the ski. Boot choice is al about fit IMO. Playful and no speed limit on the RPC.

I use to ski on a DIN of 11 when I was younger. Still a solid (well a full 200# anyway) 200# plus what ever kit I carry but well over 205# and have no problem staying in any Dynafit on no fall terrain. But I don't huck anything, ever. Just ski anything up to steep+. At some point I get scared and stop :) But a head thing not a gear thing.

RPC is an amazing ski IMO. But no way in hell I would add a Beast to them. Let me know what you end up with and how you like them.

If I were to do it again I would mount a Speed Superlight heel and a Speed Radical toe with a Dynafit 6mm shim to a RPC. Not an easy combo to source but that would be my choice of anything available. It would be the chit!

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Great review!!!!!

Have you ever skied the Lotus 120?

Have fun out there!


Dane said...

Hi Bill, yes, I have the 120 Spoon this year. Nice ski. Snow has been dismal here in the NW So no review yet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dane,

Fantastic review (and I'm a long time lurker and follower of your blog). I grabbed a set of the 186s as I'm a big scrawnier than you, but am after all the attributes of a wider ski that you describe (minimal fancy rocker BS, suitable for aggressive skiing).

I'm just trying to figure out a binding for them...I was thinking the Beast 14, but the weight is a bit off putting. I've been on a Radical toe/Kreuzspitze heel on some super light and short G3s, but this ski looks much bigger and burlier. I'm also looking at stepping up my skiing and dropping small cliffs (5-10m max!) and generally skiing as hard as I can on steep stuff before scaring the hell out of myself.

I do have a set of ATK Free Raider 14s which I could definitely mount (which have positive reviews in Europe), or feel free to suggest something else entirely. Apologies if this all comes across as a bit ignorant - I'm a climber coming to skiing!

Thanks for all your work,


Dane said...

Appreciate the comments. I ski mine with a TLT6 or more slightly more boot like the Dynafit Mercury but mostly a TLT6) and a Dynafit Speed Radical :) But I aint hucking anything intentionally in them either. If I were, I'd likely want a alpine binding and use a boot unless the new Dynafit Khiôn lives up to the current hype.