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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Skis reviews at Cold Thistle?

The way Cold Thistle started was me going on the hunt for a decent down jacket.  I learned a few things in the process.  Mostly what I wanted, wasn't want most people bought. 

Skiing has been important in my life off and on.  Not really all that important now but I still don't want what most people buy.  A lot of reasons for that and likely not all of them good or relevant to you.  But I am finding some issues I might consider serious flaws, if only I knew more about the subject.  So what you'll get is some opinion.  Not all based in fact,  just my experience. 

Not the first time I have gotten to this point, when what I would have thought were reliable resources I have been reading on the Internet come up with totally difference conclusions than I do.

But no matter :-)  I'll be writing some ski reviews shortly.  Boots and bindings as well at some point.

Here is a teaser as to what skis you will have a chance to read in depth reviews on.

A quick shot of what will be reviewed should look like this:
Black Diamond

La Sportiva

More on La sportiva skis..

Broad Peak
Huascaran @177cm and 196cm

more here on the Huascaran

Wailer 99 Pure
Wailer 112 RP Pure
Wailer 112 RPC Pure
Lotus 138,  Pure, 3.2 rocker version

more here on the 112s

Rossi Series for 2013/14
Soul 7
Squad 7
Super 7

More here on the 7s.


John said...

Holy tech bindings. A reason you don't use inserts and swap bindings back and forth? Given it is kind of a PITA but so is buying things.

Dane said...

I'm pretty rough on my gear so not a big fan of the inserts. Mostly becasue I don't seem to find the time to do the conversions myself.

I also try to keep it under 6 pair of skis at a more pair and I'll be doing inserts.

John said...

Fair enough. I think over on TGR the prevailing theory is that they have a greater pullout strength than your normal binding screw. I just bought the install kit and it's been really smooth so far but I'm reusing holes that already work. Only issue for me is that I have a set of Verticals so have to screw around with adjusting the heel spacing as I swap from one setup to another. Also having brakes makes it more difficult to remove and replace the screws.