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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blue Ice Warthog 38L

For those not familar with the smaller, original version of the Blue Ice Warthog, the 26L pack take a look here:

12Ls bigger to start with over the 26L Warthog.  Probably more realistic for most  of us in North America.   Same basic volume that I have been using for a long time most everywhere here, Canada and in the Alps.  It is an aquired taste/size.  All the same features as the original.

Same 18" back length and 3" spread at the top of the should straps.  Weight is 910g or 2# even.   Weight listed on the Blue Ice web site is 890g.  But stripped of straps and the removable waist belt it would be lighter than the 780g.    Material is 500 x *50 denier Cordura.  And a nice mellow red in color.  YKK zippers and a double fabric bottom.

Nice, simple and useful alpine pack.  I really like it.


Raf said...


Do you have these available? If so, I want one!

Alexandre Buisse said...

I love my 26L, with one big caveat: it doesn't carry skis, which is a big problem in the Chamonix winter and spring. For times where I need a bit more space and/or skis, I turn to the awesome Cilogear 30:30. Those two packs make an awesome combination.

Dane said...

Sorry more Blue Ice.

Ski? Agreed. It is so simple to add a two loop system to carry skis on any pack. I don't understand why every alpine pack don't have that system added on.

Matts said...

Older X-Blue Ice and new Yeti -models have ski loops.

The 30l model even strips down to modes 800g.

Dee said...

I feel the same way. I was looking for a harness that had these things. 5 gear loops, 2 ice clipper slots, fixed leg loops, and as light as possible. This would be for use year round. Ice, Alpine, single pitch etc. Do you think I could find one no way. I ended up getting a Petzl Hirendous and sewing a extra gear loop on the back.