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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Friday, January 4, 2013

By The Numbers?

No one more surprised than me of the results over the last 3 years.

The first post I made on Cold Thistle was 1/29/10
Dec '10 saw 63K page reads for the month.
Dec '11 saw 84K page reads for the month.
Dec '12 saw 99K page reads for the month

As of today Cold Thistle has just rolled over 1.5 million page reads!  But we have yet to break 4K page reads in a day...close mind you but CT never hit 4K in a 24 hr period.  Thanks to everyone for dropping by.  The audience here is literally from every alpine country in the world,  reading and  commenting on a daily basis.   And better yet contributing with guest blogs when you can or have the interest.  My wish was for the blog to help spread good info in the community.  I'm blessed to still be a part of  and how small the the tribe really is.

Your support (the readers and manufactures) has enabled me to see more gear that I ever thought remotely possible.  Reporting back here in writing and pictures is still fun for me.  Hopefully it has been useful to you.  The page reads here are way out of proportion to the 500+ membership.  If  you would like to see more gear reviewed, take a moment and sign up as a member of the Cold Thistle blog.  It costs nothing but a few minutes of your time.  I will know nothing more about you past your little photo in the "list".   Way less time that it takes to read this blog post.  The advantage to you (and me) is manufactures are more willing to be involved and support Cold Thistle...if you, the climbing consumer, will.  The numbers do count!

Cheers to all, 2013 will be a great year!



Anonymous said...

Does it count RSS feeds as well?

KristjanErik said...

with or without RSS?

Unknown said...

Dear Dane,

Keep up the useful work!

Greetings from Switzerland :-)

Dane said...

Thanks Priy!

Ha, ha, I had no clue what an RSS feed was. Had to look it up. The blog counter *I think* sees every page read. So I think it does count RSS feeds but really I have no clue. May be some one else knows the actual answer?

Crosley Bendix said...

Thanks Dane for this resource. I haven't had the opportunity to do any climbing. However, I do participate in winter cycling and I have found your gear reviews helpful. Jackets cut for climbing work great for cycling. Hopefully I'll be able to climb some day.

Lost Coast River Guide said...

Thanks for all you do Dane! I recently bought a pair of LS Baruntse and had them fitted as prescribed on by the commentary on this website. They fit and climb awesome! That's advice I'd pay for. If your ever in Norcal and want to fly fish, look me up. I'll take you on a drift of one of our many beautiful rivers here. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Hey Dane,

Cold Thistle is a great place for a beginning ice climber to dream and spend sometime! I love it.

Great job with all the softshell articles and the synthetic insulation reviews. I find eb=verything very interesting. Your opinion on gear is worth a $1,000.

Have a great new year!

miguelsampedro said...

Hello Dane,

Congrats on the traction and the great info you post here. Has helped me a lot!

Keep up the great work.

Cheers from Argentina

domnor said...

I've been reading this blog for about a year now... Just wanted to say thanks, man.

greetings from Austria

Nikolas said...


I think I see you using the New trango raptors in the first picture. What are your opinions on them? This will be my first set of ice tools and I am wondering if it is wondering if these would be a good option. Should I purchase the nomics or fusions instead?

I live in northern California so I expect I will be doing dry tooling also since we don't have too much waterfall ice here.