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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Friday, February 4, 2011

And from our Friends in Finland!

From the top of Europe a great blog and an approprieate picture for the current and reaccuring topic of crampons.

Thanks Toby!

Gotta watch that crampon fit.  Nepal Evos and Black Diamond Cyborgs should be good to go though.  That one might well be operator error.  Sorry I was cheering for you!    But I know the head of Black Diamond's hard goods program uses the same set up and hasn't lost a crampon yet.

More here:

Black Diamond field testing the same boot/crampon combo on Utah ice last winter.


Ralph P. said...

I guess this is crampon related but sort of off topic. Re: horizontal point crampons, is there a reason no one ever mentions the Petzl Vasak? Seems similar to the G12/Sabers, comes in non-weird heel and wire bail, and (they claim) ~2 oz lighter than Sabers. Are they terrible or some reason I'm missing, or do people just go BD or Grivel because that's what you hear about?

Dane said...

Sarken and Vasak are both good crampons and they generally fit most boots well. Too easy to put the Sarken and the Sabertooth into a "general crampon" catagory. You shouldn't. Both are unique and offer different features that other crampons don't.

Weights? I'd want to weigh them myself before actually believing the published weights.

There are lots of happy climbers on all of the Petzl gear.