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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Useful Metric weight comparisons?

Many have asked so I've started doing metric weights to follow the rest of the civilised world :)
I'll add more as I get time.

The original here:


Cold Cold World 35l custom climbing sack, Spectra rip stop, 1#9oz 709g
Same CCW in balistics nylon 2#6oz, sans lid 1#14oz
REI Flash 18l 9.2oz / 261g
Arcteryx Khazri 35l 2#13oz / 1275g
CCW Chaos, custom 21" back, Spectra r/s, 3#10 no lid 2#10oz
Jensen red pack cloth LG 1# 11oz
Jensen green 8oz Cordura 2#3oz
Cilo 30L in 210d Dyneema r/s 17" back 2# 9oz

Boots.. one boot .. (size 45)

La Sportiva Spantik 3#.05oz / 1362g
La Sportiva Spantik with a Baruntse liner 2# 12oz / 1247g
La Sportiva Baruntse 3#2.5oz / 1503g
La Sportiva Batura 1st gen. 2#7oz / 1106g
La Sportiva Batura 2nd gen. 2#9oz / 1170g

La Sportiva Nepal Evo 2#10.5oz / 1205g
La Sportiva Trango Evo Extreme GTX 2#3oz (35oz) / 992g
Scarpa Phantom Ultra new 2010 model 2#3.5oz (35.5oz) / 1006g
Scarpa Phantom Guide new 2010 model 2#7.5oz / 1120g
Scarpa Phantom 6000 new 2010 model 2#10oz (a full dbl boot with intergal gaiter) / 1190g

Ski Mountaineering Boots (one boot measured)

Dynafit TLT 5 Performance size 45.3-29.5 mono, no tongue 42.5oz/ 1210g (NT) - 45.5/1290g with tongue
TLT 5 Mountain TF 42.5oz./ 1200g (no tongue) - 45oz/1280 (with tongue)
TLT 5 Mountain TFX 48oz/1360g - 50.5/1440g
Black Diamond Prime 28.5 mono  62.5oz/1720 (Palau liner dropped 100g)
Vintage Salomon Sx 80 DH boots 51oz/1440g  (boot I used for any type of skiing)

Ice tools

Original Petzl Quark hammer 1# 8oz / 682g
Petzl Nomic with mixed pick/weight 1# 6.8oz / 648g
Black Diamond Cobra or 1 lb 5 oz (mini hammer) / 600g
Black Diamond Viper or 1 lb 6 oz (hammer) / 625g
2nd gen Black Diamond Fusion (green) 1#9oz / 680g
Chouinard 55cm bamboo 770g
Chouinard alpine hammer 533g
Terrodactyl hammer 790g

Carabiners (times 20 or 30!)

Black Diamond solid D 50g
Black Diamond wire gate D 46g
Wild Country wire gate D 40g
Trango lwt wire 28g
Black Diamond Oz 28g


Metolius Master cam 2.5" 110g
Original Wild Country Friend #2.5 130g
Original Wild Country Frend #3 142g
Wild Country Tech Friend #3 152g

Ice screws

12cm Grivel Helix 5.1oz / 144g
13cm Black Diamond (newest) Express 4.8oz / 136g
16cm Grivel Helix 5.8 oz / 166g
16cm Black Diamond Express 5.1oz / 144g
19cm Black Diamond 5.6oz / 159g

Belay jackets

Wild Things, Belay Jacket, 34oz pre 2010 / 963g
Eddie Bauer XV 38.5oz / 1091g
MEC Tango, 31.7oz / 898g
Patagonia DAS (new) 36.9oz / 1046g
Arcteryx Duelly 28oz / 794g
Narrona Lyngen 26oz / 737g
Narrona Trollveggen 37.5oz / 1063g
Arcteryx Atom Hoody SV 19.0 oz / 538g
Mountain Hardwear Compressor Hoody Primaloft 1 19.8oz / 561g
Mammut Ambler 47.2oz / 1338g

Lightly insulated jackets (belay sweaters)

EB Downlight Hoodie Pullover XL 15.4 oz / 455g
Arcteryx Atom LT Pull Over Lg 10.7oz / 304g
RAB Xenon  Hoody XL 11.0oz /316g
Arcteryx Atom lt Hoody Lg 14.4oz / 429g
Arcteryx Aphix  Lg  18.5oz/  540g
Arcteryx Atom Hoody SV Lg 19.0 oz / 562g
Mountain Hardwear Compressor Hoody (1st gen) 19.8oz / 586g
Arcteryx Gamma MX Hoody XL 1# 8oz, 24oz / 710g
Patagonia North Wall Hoody Lg 1# 12oz/ 790g


RAB Cirrus Wind-Top large 130.5g / 4.6 oz
Arcteryx Squamish pullover XL 5.6oz -166g
Westcomb's, Shift Neoshell ajcket Large 12oz- 340g
EB Frontpoint XL 18.5oz / 547g
Patagonia Knifeblade Xl 1#4.8oz / 588g
Patagonia Mixed Guide Lg 1# 6oz/ 620g


Paradox, mid weight longs 8oz / 227g
Arcteryx Gamma Lt large 12.4 oz / 351g
Mountain Hardwear Ridge Runner 3/4 16oz / 453g
Arcteryx Gamma MX large 19oz / 539g
Patagonia Guide Pant 34" 1# 5.5oz/ 602g
Patagonia Alpine Pant 34" 1# 5.8oz / 610g
NWAlpine salopettes large 21.6oz / 612g
Black Diamond Northwall Pant 27.5oz / 778g
Arcteryx Gamma MX salopettes large 30.4oz / 861g
Arcteryx GoreTex Theta Bib large 23.3oz / 660g


Black Diamond Traser 8.5oz / 241g
Black Diamond Half Dome 12oz / 340g
Petzl Ecrin Roc 16oz / 453g
Grivel Salamander 13.7oz / 388g
Petzl Elios 12oz / 340g
Petzl Meteor III 7.9oz / 224g

Crampons per pair

Petzl Dartwin 1/2 bot 30.5oz / 865g
Petzl Dart no bot 28.8oz / 816g
Petzl Lynx dual points/bot 1080 g 
Lynx Mono point no bot 910 g

Grivel G12 ful bot 35.6oz / 1010g
Grivel G 20 28.2 oz / 800g
Grivel G 22 w/full bot 900g

Black Diamond Stinger, w/ full bot 32oz / 900g
Black Diamond Stainless Sabertooth full bot 34.2oz / 969g
Black Diamond Stainless Sabertooth no bot with Petzl bail toe 28.4oz / 808g
Black Diamond Stainless Sabertooth no bot with Petzl bail toe, Neve hee. flex bar 24.8 oz / 704g
Black Diamond Stainless Cyborg full bot 39.4oz / 1116g
Black Diamond Stainless Cyborg, mono, no bot, 28.6oz / 811g

Salewa/Chouinard hinged with straps (1980) 880g
Salewa/Chouinard clip-on rigids (1990) 920g

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