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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fred Becky @ 90!

Is life all really just perspective and perception?


Mykhaylo Slobodyan said...


Here in Ukraine we have some stout old climbers too. Last time I saw some, they were five from Sevastopol training for speed climbing at veterans contest. On 7a+ routes. They said it is easy enough so they can run up it fast enough, and indeed they did.

Last time I heard about some others I know in person, they were climbing [USSR] 5b F6c+ A2+ route on the middle of Sokol wall in Sudak, Crimea. One 60+ y.o woman I know from Kyiv was leading it. On overhanging section where ppl tend to aid solely, she free-climbed with occasional aid move. I believe it was

Mykhaylo Slobodyan said...

explanations of that route (the route is titled "Scent of a Woman"):

/ tree-waymark
Scent is here ->
> difficult slab climbing
/- live slab, don't touch!
<- world class lie-back crack climbing
<- the pro is bad (careful, take good care of yourself)
(old bolts from "comma")
horisontal shrub ->
aid A2+
(yeah you have to climb through THAT:)) (means: 10 meters w/o solid pro)
don't be afraid ->
_/ sh!t here :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's true about old Ukrainian climbers. I'm really wondering if I would be able to do that in their age (if I would reach one)

Tim Brose said...

As a guy that got started climbing later in life(44 YO) I find Becky to be an incredible inspiration.

Go get 'em, Fred!!

Dane said...

Yes, nice to know we still have some time to "kill" isn't it :)