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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Sunday, June 2, 2013

this rocks!



Unknown said...

Off topic but any chance of producing a review of the Zamberlan boots? I've done 200 days of ice in the expert pros which are amazing, but the Paines look even better. Also if other crampons fit them like the Lynx as i have only used G14s and a certain infamous BD crampon :)

Dane said...

Zamberlan Paines, Eiger and Denali are all here and reviews in the works asap. All the modern crampons fit btw...pretty slick mid sole Zamberlan is using to make that happen betetr than most. Along with a new Scarpa and a Mammut boots as well.

Dee said...

Hello Dave, I always check you blog post everyday as part of my evening of keeping up to date with the world of climbing. I am on the road (working not climbing) and I only have a tablet. As you probly know iPads and android tablets dont have flash installed in them anymore. As a result when you post a video like this one called nice us tablet users are unable to see the video. We only see a blank space. If you wouldn't mind could you put a URL underneath the video so we might be able to click on the URL and maybe the website that the video comes from might push the video in HTML5 which the viewer does not need to have flash on their device to view. Anyways it would be a great help. Thanks for the many hours of great informative viewing.

Dee said...

Thanks Dane.