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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

La Sportiva? Back at ya, with the CUBE!

Just when I think there is a leap ahead for alpine boots someone else jumps back in and does a flash burn.

Many have asked me when will La Sportiva update the aging Nepal Evo and Trango Series of boots.  Like I'd have a clue.  I hadn't heard a even whisper out of La Sportiva.   And didn't expect anything new at the up coming summer OR show for Spring 2014 delivery.

Clueless again, guess I got that wrong!

New Trango Cube GTX

"the new state-of-the-art mountaineering boots - Nepal Cube GTX and Trango Cube GTX - set new standards in lightweight and waterproof properties for this sector. Trango Cube in particular has been made using the new and exclusive Thermo Tech Injection method, a thermoplastic coating that eliminates traditional stitching, making the boot even more water resistant than ever before."


Gear:30 said...

I got to take a look at the Trango Cube and Nepal Cube last week. I was very impressed. They added the carbon honeycomb midsole to the Nepal that they did on the Batura 2.0 to lighten it up and make it warmer. It felt significantly lighter but didn't have my size to try on so I'm not sure on the fit. The styling looks good too.
The Trango Cube has a new midsole as well to make it a bit lighter and more comfortable to walk in, but it's the upper that is the big change. As you already noted, there's very little stitching on the upper, just thermomolded direct injection plastic. Again, didn't get to try it on. I thought the styling on the Trango Cube was a little ugly with a blue and red swirly design (swirly isn't exactly accurate, but the closest thing I can think of to describe it), but then again, I've never been accused of having good fashion sense.

Gear:30 said...

Some numbers and other info on these boots:

The sales rep told me the Nepal Cube is 200g lighter than the Nepal Evo, but according to the numbers Sportiva listed, the Nepal Cube is 894g which is about 130g lighter than what they list the Nepal Evo as. It's lighter, stiffer, warmer, and lower profile than Nepal Evo, apparently. It's built on the same last as Nepal Evo. The main weight savings and performance benefits are from the carbon midsole.

At 680g, the Trango Cube is 62g lighter than Trango S Evo, according to Sportiva's numbers. The real advantage comes in the seamless upper which is supposed to be more water resistant and more durable than the Trango S Evo. It's obviously not going to breathe where the plastic is molded to the upper, which is a pretty considerable area. Not sure if it will be more or less breathable than previous version. My guess is less breathable. The new Vibram "One" sole is lighter than the previous sole and the midsole is supposed to be more comfortable to hike in. The tongue is removable and adjustable like on the Nepal Evo.

Kevin said...

Anyone have an idea of when the new boots will hit the retail channel?

Dane said...

Spring 2014.

Luke23 said...

Some more info and pics here:

ST said...

a sighting:

Anonymous said...


any experience so far with the Nepal Cube? Looking forward to a review :)