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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer fitness?


"Q: I think we should discuss summer training for skimo racers on two levels – for occasional racers and those that like to keep fit (REC category), and for the elite athletes shooting for spots on national teams and those seeking ultimate performance for their goals in the mountains (ELITE category).
In all cases, the emphasis is on efforts on less than 3h and the peak performances are expected to occur between January and March.
Do you agree we should address both groups specifically? If not, propose a better differentiation or none at all."

Answer:  I definitely agree that both groups should be approached differently, simply because their ultimate goals are different. Because of that, their preparation will be slightly different.
As an elite athlete myself, preparation is something that I absolutely love. I treat racing as puzzle, where you have to scavenge around to find the right pieces to achieve your ultimate outcome.
It’s that process of scavenging for what I need to do to arrive on the starting line of my goal race as prepared to compete as I can be that I thrive on. It’s a trait I learned from Simon Whitfield, one of my closest friends and someone who’s sporting results on the day speak for themselves."


It is a good read.  More here:

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Nick said...

Nice read - thanks for the link. I also recently came across a decent breakdown of threshold training for the uninitiated that I thought may be helpful: