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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

La Sportiva Hang5

La Sportiva's Hang5

Product: La Sportiva's Hang5

Length Tested: 178cm
Turn Radius: 23/30/23m
side cut: 145/117/135
camber: 7.7mm
Tip rocker: 425mm
Tail rocker: 0
Running length: 1510mm
Weight: per skis: 1900g / 4lb. 3oz.

Binding: Dynfit Radical Speed toe TLT Speed heel 

Mount point:  Mounted @  La Sportiva's  suggested line

Ski weight with bindings: 5lb even per ski

Environmental Conditions: early and late Spring skiing

Location of Test: Crystal Mountain Washington

Number of Runs: 15+days of spring skiing, 

Snow Conditions: Early and late Spring skiing conditions ice to slush
Demo or Own: own

TOP SHEET: 0.5 mm Double Polyamide (ISO ICP8210) - Glossy
CORE: Vertical Laminated Light Karuba Paulownia Wood
LAMINATE LAYER 1: Tri-Directional Fiberglass
LAMINATE LAYER 2: Bi-Directional Carbon/Fiberglass mat
BASE MATERIAL: P-Tex 2000 factory hand waxed
EDGE MATERIAL: 1,8 mm steel + rubber laminate
FEATURES: Tip and tail attachment holes, flat/notched tail
SIZES: 178, & 188
COLOR: 99H Yellow

Tester Info:

Height/Weight: 6'1" 190lb

Ski Days/Season: 30+

Years Skiing: 30+
Aggressiveness & Moderate

Current Quiver: Huascaran, Aspect, GTR, Lo5, Hi5, 112RP, 138, Broad Peak, 112RPC, 138. Praxis GPO and Protest

Home Area: Silver Mtn Idaho, Crystal Mtn and Alpental WA.

Preferred Terrain: off-piste, trees, steeps

1 (worst) to 5 (best) star ratings


CapacityCSO said...

can you comment more on your boot choice(s) for the Hang5, and why you don't care for the TLTs with them? Thanks and keep 'em comin'. Thom

Dane said...

I ski the TLT P and Mountain..with and with out tongues and power strap. Generally without.

The Hang5 is a big ski @ 117 under foot and super stable. Jerry is an awesome skier and he skied the Hang5 with a TLT mountain no issues but he is also a better skier than me. For my bigger skis (178 and longer or bigger than 115 under foot) I generally like a bigger more supportive boot. I also out weigh Jerry by 40 lbs or more. I can bend a boot he can't easily. But most of it is just the difference in skill set.

The Scarpa RS has a lot of ramp build in. More than I would prefer. The Dynafit One/Mercury/Vulcan less so.

I do ski a 177 Huascaran (112mm under foot) with my TLTs exclusivly and really like that combo. Past that if I have more ski I generally want more boot.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately I dont have the disposable income to buy the hang and the huescaran. If you were to choose one which would it be? I know this is your opinion and you are not me, but just wondering.

Dane said...

Much as I really like the Hang5 I use the 177 Huascaran more because I like skiing and carrying it with my TLTS.

Ski choice for me would really depend on what boot I am skiing in.
Bigger boots I would no question want the Hang5.

Unknown said...

I apologize for asking another question but I have been looking at the ski and all the shops keep wanting me to go up to the 188. You are taller and a bit heavier and you purchased the 178. What made you choose that over the longer one?

Dane said...

No worries Greg.

I generally ski 188/192s. GPO, Hi5, RPC and Huascarans in 192/188/192 and 196 respectively.

But found that I really like some of the shorter versions as well. 192 RPC is my daily lift ski. Hang5/GPO/Huascaran are all really fun skis in 178/182/177. I ordered the Hang5 wanting to make a direct comparison to the Huascaran in similar sizes. Then the GPO in both a 182 and a 192.

I test and ski and then end up owning a lot of skis in this genre (lwt skimo ski...GPO is an exception I plan on using like the Hang5) that I really like. I don't want a 178 Hi5 (not enough ski for me) and pretty sure I don't 188 is a LOT of ski by comparison to everything else I ski. 196 Huascaran likely falls into that category as well. But going to give it one more season.

I would blow off any opinion on the Hang5 if the comment doesn't come from a Hang5 owner. 188 Hang5 is a BIG and stout 115 underfoot. Certainly a place for the 188 as a charger and big mtn ripper if you are a strong and aggressive skier. Likely a bit beyond me as a daily driver to be honest. Hey, remember I am an old guy! The 178 on the other hand? Huge fun!

Let me know how it turns out for you?!!

Dane said...

Forgot but worth mentioning again. I am skiing the 178cm Hang5 with a Dynafit One or Scarpa Maestrale RS. Not TLTs.

I recon the 178 with a decent boot a quick handling sports car. The 188 with the same boot a warp speed big/all mtn cruiser.

The 178 I'll pack around and do all sorts of things with besides ride a lift. The 188 would be a good lift only ski for me. Not a insult btw as I could and would ski the 188 happily as a full time lift ski.

Unknown said...

question for Dane. i own Huascaran 177 i have fallen in love with these. i have maestrale boots (plain maestrale no other letters attached). would the maestrale be enough boot for the hang 5 178's ? i weigh 176 pounds and am in good shape for a 63 y.o. Thank you Dane.

Dane said...

Hi Bill, You have plenty of boot for the Hang5. It turns easier than the Huascaran if that helps. But it is no where near as versatile. I thin you would be disappointed in the Hang5 by comparison. But there are so much better skis available now. Dhaulagiri and Denali (dynafit) are just two that I have used a lot...but the La Sportiva Nano series is exceptional as well. Cho Oyu if you want something even lighter. If you haven't tried the RS boot you should. It will open up the choices for wider skis. I am pretty limited without a stiffer boot at the 115mm size skis. I really liked the RS. The TLT Series just fit me better. We are the same age but looking at your boot choice I'd bet you are a better skier :)

With the RS or the TLT carbon I am able to ski a 148mm skis with ease. Just a thought but I know you didn't ask.