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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Monday, May 20, 2013

New speed ski record on Rainier!

Eric on his way to get some from the Muir snowfield.

Eric Carter Stano Faban and Nick Elson all from Vancouver BC currently,  did the throw down this morning on Rainier.  *Edit* A time of 4:19:12 on DC!  C2C @ Paradise.  The full  details and the pictures below came from  from Eric's web site this morning.

Check out Stano's web site now as well as his TR is up.

photos courtesy of Eric's write up and web site this morning

Hopefully their own web site write ups will clarify the actual details of their ascent.  I saw literally only a few seconds of them coming and going.  Of all the races I have been in or witnessed only the  professional peloton going by is anything I have to compare.  And it was only three guys!   In person they were all very casual about the whole thing.  I course I had to bring up the SLC pace as a comparison.  They wouldn't have, while knowing it to the second.

We could hear their skins coming from a few hundred yards away on the perfect snow conditions as they literally blew past us.  And Nick not even in Lycra or fully race kitted out for the style bonus points of the day ;-)  Very fun for me to see it all unfold as they went up and then came ripping down.

Eric and Nick making it hard for me to even get a picture!

Dbl click on this one.  Left to right, Stano , Eric and Nick 10 minutes or less from Muir.....and another hour for me!

Congrads guys!  That is smokin!  

Hello?  Is this SLC?  Mr. Dorias please?  Either is fine, thank you.  Hello? Hello!  :-)


Anonymous said...

Well done! I was sitting at work looking up there wishing I were up in the mountains.

Just a note: Eric Carter's site appears to be now and the link to Nick's blog is broken, just a misplaced closed parentheses.

Dane said...

thanks! Hopefully the links are fixed. I got some time this morning to look at Nick's blog. Inspirational stuff for sure.

Right on guys! Thanks for the STOKE!

Jared said...

Way to go guys! Nick, are you changing teams?

Jonathan S. Shefftz said...

Hah, what total bs!
No way did they do it in 4:15 -- the actual time was ... 4:19.12!
Seriously though, that is just absolutely stunning -- 4:19.12 is pretty decent for just a Paradise<>Muir roundtrip.
Also, only Eric and Nick set the record. Stano was feeling slower (well, okay, slightly less absurdly fast) than them by Muir, so although all three of them still would have set a record, he didn't want to slow them down (relatively speaking...).

Dane said...

Jonathon, Thanks for the clarification.

I was in the middle of the Muir when they went by and talked with all three after my burger at the base of the mtn.

The 4:15 is what stuck in my mind. They really didn't make much of it. I did! Stano was clear he turned around at the base of the Clever but deserves the props imo (not the record obviously) for hanging to that point. I know how fast they were trucking.

It was indeeed impresive and I've seen some pretty impressive things in the mountains over time. This was definatley one of them.

4:15 stuck in my addled mind on the write up late last night. May be that is the SLC goal "-) But shouldn't sub 4 be the number? BTW..sub P-M-P? Maybe even I could break 4:20 ;)

Dane said...

Had to look but by the numbers, that team would be <1:50 rt to Muir and back!

Jason said...

Nicely done fellas, 4:19 is smoking! Hopefully Andy and I can come make a run at it sometime in the next couple weeks. Hope the conditions stay favorable!

Dane said...

Hey Jason! Been snowing hard there over night. Things should hold together for a while yet.

The sun and a bit of chilly weather may be harder to come by. Looking forward to your effort!

Rainier cameras for those interested:

Valentin said...

This is cool!