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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Shoot! Score! Patagonia!

Patagonia Knifeblade pullover and the Patagonia Alpine Guide pant.

The original Knifeblade pullover was made from Polartec® Power Shield PRO®.  The Alpine Guide pants are made from Polartec® Power Shield®.  Great pants for dh skiing.   Love them!  My current favorite down hill skiing pant.  But not as water resistant/proof as the Power Shield PRO® fabric.    The pull over Knifeblade top is one of my all time favorite climbing shells.  Good warm weather ski shell as well.

If the video linked below is correct the newest Knifeblade jacket and pants are both unlined Polartec® Power Shield PRO®.  Even better I think for skiing or nasty, wet weather climbing. Undecided yet on the climbing end.  Not because of the Power Shield PRO® fabric mind you.  It is amazing.  The cuff design is what worries me.  Although the insulated Northwall pants of Polartec® Power Shield PRO® have been good in really cold, wet weather for skiing.  Too much faff in the cuff for me as a climbing pant.  Too bad as the insulated material is perfect for cold weather climbing I think.

Certainly a good alternative to the few Neoshell options available.  Very happy to see someone take advantage of the fabric is the right context and now in an insulated (if you can still find them as the NW pant/jacket has been discontinued)  and uninsulated version. 

The entire line of Patagonia alpine climbing clothing has take a huge step forward in materials and patterns the last two seasons.  These two look to bump the bar higher yet.   Bravo!

Not been a huge fan of Patagonia in the recent past.  Had been a fan a few decades ago and  they are back going gangbusters with their newest alpine clothing.  It may not be the best in every category. But as a long time Arcteryx fan it took a lot to bring me back and get me into Patagonia clothing. And Patagonia has indeed done very well across the board in the Alpine line from what I own and have used..

Patagonia Mixed Guide Hoody

Colin Haley's recent comments:

"My motivation is simple and selfish. Often the very best Patagonia alpine products are discontinued after only one year on the market because they don't sell well enough. This is why some pieces which are now a cherished staple, such as the RI Hoody, were once discontinued."

I have more  Patagonia in my gear closet currently that is being used than any other brand by a fair margin.  That says a lot to me.

The pieces I really like for anything from down hill skiing to backcountry skiing and ice/alpine climbing.  Mix and match as required.  It is quite a collection for the intended purposes.  And I haven't used everything available just what is listed here.

Capilene 2
Micro D pullover
R1 hoody
Piton hoody
Nano Puff pullover
Knife blade pull over
Mixed Guide hoody
Mixed Guide pant
Alpine Guide Pant
Northwall Jacket
NorthWall Pant

(edit:  I had incorrectly listed the pant I really like and use as a lot, as the BC Guide Pant.  When in fact I have been skiing all winter in the Alpine Guide pant....  Sorry about the confusion and I have edited the original content to reflect the reality of the Alpine Guide instead of what I had only imagined I was using ;)   Thanks for the clarification and corrections Travis!)

The Patagonia Simple Guide garments have to be one of the best clothing deals on the market for what we all do.

The newest Knifeblade garments here:

and another new one I think will be a big hit, the Nano Puff Hybrid.


Dee said...

I skied about 3-4 days a week last season and I am already looking foreword to next as I am planning on doing a 2 week ski tour through Austria.
I am planning on getting some new clothing for next season.
Dynafit TLT 6, hope fully they will have a little more room as the TLT 5 are too tight.
I have been waiting for the Knife blade Pants to come out be if they are out of my price range I will go with he Marmot Pro Tour as they also use Polartec Power Sheild Pro.
Merino Base layer
Patagonia R1
Rab Shadow Hoody for Skinning, as the Patagonia Piton Hybrid Hoody is nearly twice the price
Patagonia Gore-Tex Jacket (cannt remember the name).
Rab Exudos Softshell
Patagonia Micro Puff Hoody Jacket
Rab Neutrino Plus Down Jacket
Mountain Equipment Super Alpine Gloves
Montane Extreme XL Mitts
Osprey Mutant 38 Pack
K2 Coomback Skis with Dynafit Radical ST Bindings
Line Mr Pollard Opus with Fritschi Diamir Scout 11 bindings
Camp XLC 470 Crampons (hope they fit)
Petzl Lynx crampons
Petzl SumTEC axe (the light weight axes are useless)
Modified Grivel Racing Wings & Grivel Tech Wings
Salewa Pro Gaiter Boots & Salewa Raven Combi Boots

This will be my set up for next seasons Ski season for everything from Piste to Pow to Touring and Ice.

Jim said...

Hey Dane,

Any possibility you could get your hands on that new 2013 Patagonia M10 jacket? For some reason, there isn't really much coverage of the jacket on the web right now, other than a glowing review by Colin Haley here . The jacket seems to be a real winner when it comes to weight and sheer minimalism, but breathability definitely seems questionable.

Raf said...

I've seen the new Knifeblade, which is no longer a pullover but a full-zip jacket, and it is indeed unlined Power Shiels Pro.

Love the P/O, can't wait to get my hands on the jacket!

Dane said...

Jim, hard to believe I know but most everything I review I buy. Might be a pro deal or discounted but I pay. M10 loos sweet but the buy in is too much for me on a shell.

More than happy to give a detailed review if someone wants to send me one ;)

Ian said...

I have a full season in the Patagonia Alpine Guide pants and I like them. They are a little lighter weight than the BC Guide pants but the same features. I like the fit, I'm tall and skinny with no ass. Most popular pants come in S,M,L which generally don't fit me. Patagonia is one of the few companies that makes proper waist sizes.
The only changes I'd make is to use a non stretching internal belt and cuff grommets. I climbed in Ouray, SLC, Canmore, Cascades, and skied Cascades volcanoes. Great all around pants.

Unknown said...

Wondering about using seam grip on at least the seams on the top of the knifeblade to increase waterproofness with very little sacrifice in breathability. The knifeblade isn't seam sealed so why not add your own? Thoughts?

Dane said...

Haven't needed the seams sealed in the waterfalls I have been in to date.

May be a steady rain would change my mind....likely I'd go home first.