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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A follow up on those painful ski boots?

Recently had a few guys tell me I was nuts for suggesting you fit a ski boot so that it is actually comfortable to walk and climb in.  "It will never ski well!"  "Wait till the liner packs out and you are so screwed!"

Ya, I'm not convinced.   In late July I'll just be finishing up my 2nd full season on a set of Palau liners used in both pairs of my TLTs. (skipped last season)   Not the steepest skiing in the world or the worst snow conditions. As much fun as it was I'd still hate to make a mistake here.  Those Fir trees get pretty hard mid winter.  Even a helmet isn't going to do you a lot of good if you blow it badly in there.  Same boots (TLT Mountains) that I climb water and alpine ice in and drive my truck as required :)

Just is possible.  If I really intended to go skiing I'd likely have bigger boards and heavier, tighter boots on.  If I intend to hike, I want less.  This set up will easily hike, climb or ski anything I can.

My first use of a GoPro, first time skiing in a helmet and first edit,  So be gentle!

Boots are:

Skiis are 177cm:

Bindings are:

Goggles are:

Helmet is:

Pants are:

Jacket is:

socks are from Lorpen:

Gloves are from:
Yoko's Seal Outdry Glove

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