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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tech bindings again?

I switched over to all tech bindings for inbounds and out of bounds skiing on everything I own 4 seasons ago..  I have a quiver of skis and a boot quiver as well to cover the full spectrum of my own skiing needs.

DPS 138s in a 192cm to my 167cm lwt Broad Peaks.

Tech bindings are an acquired taste and not for everyone.
But if you have an interest in lwt high performance ski gear this is well worth a read:
or dig around in here as it is all done on tech bindings:


Anonymous said...

Do you think skiing tech bindings inbounds trashes them a little quicker than you'd like, or what negatives do you see to doing it?

Dave said...

Personally, I spent the 2011-2012 season skiing (in and out of bounds) in my tech bindings, and tweaked a knee pretty badly. I feel that the snow in-bounds is usually harder and more packed out. Thus having a defined release DIN helped me greatly this season. Personal preference, of course

Dane said...

I ski tech many flavors both in and out of bounds. Not had any wear issues...none.

Safety wise? DIN is just a testing number. Some of the newest tech bindings are DIN rated as well. I know lots of guys, skiing the most technically difficult lines using Tech bindings. As long as you are not hucking huge cliffs I would venture to say you'll be fine. And some do huck pretty big cliffs in tech bindings! Safety wise? I've take some nasty headers on mine and come away clean to date....knock on wood.

I've also broken my lower leg 3 times in DIN bindings. I now ski on a much lower DIN number and stay in my bindings 99.9999% of the time. Not something I could say previous. But no question tech bindings are an acquired taste.

Hard to go back to anything else once you have used them to best effect going up and coming down on difficult terrain.