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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Praxis Skis!

One of the many fun things about writing this blog is getting to meet the great people who enjoy what I enjoy.   Hard to believe from reading here and the pictures (ad nauseam) but I  am not really a very social person.

So meeting folks from all over the world in weird places, be it skiing or climbing is always a thrill to me.

The blog also points me in some weird directions for gear.  Which in turn I like to relate to the blogosphere.   

If you haven't noticed I like bespoke clothing and boots, Randy's CCW packs made to order and gear of that quality and attention to detail.  That attention to detail is what makes the best...really the BEST.

Same thing with skiing.  Narrow your own focus and wants in ski gear and you run into similar minds.

Enter Keith Keith O'Meara and his company, Praxis Ski.

"Praxis Skis are “Handcrafted in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.” Our factory is located on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, where the mountains are our backyard. Our skis are constructed by inspired skiers who take pride in producing the perfect ride for a variety of individual needs and styles. By designing skis that work for you, we aim to elevate the experience of skiing by reducing fatigue and increasing the amount of time you’re on the hill."

I look at the forums and blogs as much as anyone.  And the name Praxis kept/keeps coming up when you are talking skis with hard core users.  Annoying at first, then enough chatter to make me look around again. 

Didn't hurt that Drew Tabke won the World Freestyle Championships on "his" Praxis ski, the GPO,  this year.  I wasn''t  the only one late to the party and now taking notice.   Notes below from 2011.

But seriously, I like to ski and I aint hucking *anything*.  So what I am looking for may not be what Praxis is selling or what you are looking for.

Gotta love the top sheet colors though!  And seemingly a model for ever use.  Sound familiar?

Then the term..."TOUGH"....keeps coming up, along with "durable and incredible build quality".  Come on?  How long can you ignore that kind of stuff?  I have a friend who destroys numerous brand name skis per season and he'd be lucky to weight in at a buck and a half soaking wet!  He too now wants to get on Praxis.

"As some of you have already heard, Praxis has decided to offer incredible customization options to our entire 2012-2013 lineup. In our continual pursuit to progress the sport of free skiing by providing the most progressive and well-built, handcrafted skis out there, we want to offer folks a custom ski experience like no other."

*Ok, that got my attention!*

"A Guide to Praxis Customization:

*** The ski specifics shown and references to weight and flex are for the standard “stock” models. Depending on chosen custom options, specifics may change.

How to Order your Praxis Custom Skis:

Step 1: Choose your model and length. Please feel free to contact us with any question or for advice on what model is best for you.
Step 2:Decide what topsheet option you would like. We have 4 options available.
A) You can order the ski as shown on the website
B) You can pick any graphic from our graphic library at no extra cost. Choose “graphic from library” on order form and add one of the graphic options from the library to your shopping cart. If you have more than 1 pair of skis on an order simply make a note on the order form what graphic goes with what ski.
C) You can create and submit a custom graphic! Give your ski a one-of-a-kind look that you created. Click here for more info on how to create a graphic to fit your ski. This option has an additional cost of $175.
D) Top your ski with a real-wood veneer. We have 2 different types of wood veneers available; Birdseye Maple and Bubinga. This option has an additional cost of $250. Testing over the past couple years with these wood veneer tops has gone really well as they are probably the most durable topskin option we have used and in our opinion look the best. To order a wood veneer topsheet select “wood veneer” from the top sheet design drop-down menu on the order form, and make a note on the order form what type of veneer you would like.
Step 3: Choose your preferred flex. Please feel free to contact us for advice on the best flex for you. You have the option from 4 different ski flexes. See below to our number flex system in reference to the soft, medium, medium/stiff, and stiff options.
Soft = 5 – 6 Medium = 6 – 7 Medium/stiff = 7 -8 Stiff = 8 +
We recently used our flex testing machine to test the flex of some common industry skis, here’s what we found."

Yep, I am a sucker for "custom" even when I don't know exactly what I do need, I often know what I don't.   Add in good customer service.  And the fact that I'm very much in tune with my Scotch heritage.  Praxis allows a 50% down and 30 days to settle the bill, makes buying a custom ski even easier than lay away at your local brick and mortar store.   I have two pair coming.  Hard to squeeze a nickle out of me.  Few companies can manage that.  But those that have...actually earned it.

More to come shortly on my personal choices in custom Praxis skis.


Alexandre Buisse said...

I find it pretty funny that their skinniest touring ski is 94 underfoot!

Dane said...

Ya, touring in the Alps ait what touring in the Sierra is generally. Here it is car 2 car. There hut 2 hut is more common.

So you get some radically different ideas on what a "touring" ski is :)

Aren't you rock climbing in sunny warm weather? How come you aren't sipping a cool mojito in better company instead of reading a dumb blog?

Alexandre Buisse said...

Hah, I wish I was, but the weather decided to skip spring and summer and go into full autumn mode, so not much else to do than work on photos and procrastinate on gear blogs ;)