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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Steck's custom gear? "Super nice"

photo courtesy of Ueli Steck collection

I'm like a freakin Raven aka .Corvus...shiny metal things get my attention and I then want :)

"stories tell of the Raven stealing and releasing the sun"

Look here @ 1:40:  "Special productions such as his ultra light aluminium ice-axe "
A new Scarpa cold weather double boot for Steck as well.
But there is an even lighter weight fruit boot version of the dbl as well....look closely in the video between :45 and :55
Ueli">">Ueli Steck - Annapurna South Face - Quick Edit from Nepal
from Fenom">">Fenom Creative Group on Vimeo.">Vimeo.>

Put a Nomic/Quark head and shaft bend with a "spike off a Aztarex shaft,  then bolt on the Quark/Ergo's 2nd grip piece.  Wrap it in some tape.  Presto!  "Super nice" it is. Nice alpine tool for technical ground.   No reason not to bring it to market if there was enough demand.  Certainly a B rated shaft isn't the reason Petzl has not produced that version commercially.

I suspect Steck's "super nice" prototype eventually became the new Quark....

Petzl Quark w/o pick weights  and with an adze and second grip installed
The most often ice tool Steck has been seen using recently

Current Nomic with pick weights in place


Tim Brose said...

I like that new double boot muchly. I wonder if Scarpa has improved the inner-boot from that of the Phantom 6000? As far as the tools are concerned, I just bought a set of Quarks, so they better not be introducing new ones anytime soon!

Frank said...

Scarpa and Petzl should just release a "Steck Line" with the stuff he uses. Those tools look amazing and a even lighter dbl boot would be great too.

mitochondria100 said...

Nomic will always remain a Nomic. Unbeatable in its class.

Anonymous said...

I have a colleague, who climbed drytool with a pair of Aztarexes.

He used a piece of a 5-mm cord to loosely coil it around the grip (something like 10 diameters of the cord between coils) and fingertape on the top of it.

Unknown said...

The boots are phantom 8000's with a different inner...