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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Skimo gear info request?

Anyone know who makes or a source for the green, short, one piece suit the skier on the left is wearing?  Thanks!

Thanks to everyone for the help on this question.  I now better understand the ratehr strange choice in clothing.  You just never know what ski mo racers will be up to next :)

More here on the story behind the picture:

One more.....a local guide in Chamonix using a rather unusual ski pole.  Any ideas on who makes them?  Edit:  Thanks everyone for the info....theirweb site is:

Again thank  you for sourcing these for me!  Their website is
Now looking for someone who will ship to the US.  But will likely just make my own later today.

Brilliant idea here I think.  Another one where simple is better and in this case  much more user friendly.


Michi said...


I would say these are two pieces:
Transformer Windstopper (
Shore U Shorts (


Dane said...

Wow! Thanks Michi. Looks like you ar spot on. I would have never guessed.

Michi said...

Hi Dane,
I can also help you out with the pole:

furreti said...

The poles are made by Black Crows Skis out of Chamonix.

Alexandre Buisse said...

For the latter question, you see these poles often, usually more from ski instructors. Black Crows offers them as the Furtis, and I'm sure there are other manufacturers as well.

Anonymous said...

Grivel Tor des Geants poles?
Br. K.Autio

Dane said...

Michi, thanks again.. is the pole pictured. Thanks everyone for all the replies and the links to Black Crow as well.

skylerd said...

Road bike bar tape is a very light weight option for making poles like that.

Dane said...

No arguement from me. Wouldn't have used it or suggested it without having seen how durable it was on a set of Nomics. Which surprised me just how durable it actually was in that use. Bar tape feels good in the hand. Be interesting to see just how durable it actually is for the use. Bar tape is cheap was my thought. I do know how tough the rubber tape is under the bar tape. Not like it is going to effect a day out even if you loose the bar tape early on. My bet is, you won't.