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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dynafit resoling question?

I am looking for resole info on the Dynafit TLTs. EVO/ DyNA boots this morning.  Anyone had it done?   Called Dynafit yesterday.  No replacement soles available.  Recorder at Rocky Mountain Resoles in CO.  Steve at Komitos has/does them with a Vibram 1276 sole.  Anyone used Komitos for a TLT or any Dynafit boot?  Dave Page locally was not encouraging.

I've got a pair of DyNA EVOs I want to resole.  Suggestions?


Cory said...

No suggestions, but I've got the same question, so I'm eager to see the options as my boots are just about worn through!

Unknown said...

That sole looks fine to me. Go USE it some more!


Matt Schonwald said...

I had Sid Patterson resole my toes on TLT5Ps, can text you the photos of his work. He used different sole material, I could care less if it not Dynafit, I just wanted my shells to keep touring rather than watch the plastic wear away.

Dane said...

hey Matt, really like to see the work. Email it over if you get a chance. I'll add the info and picture ot the blog..with credit of course.

eric said...

Hey Dane! Any updates? I recently got a screaming deal on a pair of Evo's with the bad soles, and would like to have them resoled over the summer (if not sooner). I took them to the Rubber Room in Bishop, but they weren't willing to do it for liability concerns. Any luck finding a resoler who will do the job? I'd ideally love a replacement that covers the whole sole, but I don't care if it's Dynafit, Vibram, or approach-shoe dot rubber.


Dane said...

Sorry Eric, no idea for you on anyone doing resoles for these boots. Be work asking over on Wildsnow. Gotta think someone would
offer the service.

Jim Pace said...

Gearfix in Bend Oregon did a great job on my DYNA Evos.

I used these the past two weeks, first on a climb and descent of the notoriously chossy N face of Mount Church in the Lost River Range

then last weekend closer to home in McCall.

Pic of the resole: