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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More on Tech bindings?

What I envision is a real mtn boot that will take tech bindings and a crampon that is fit to the boot in the same way.

1/2 the equation by several manufactures but no follow through yet.  All it takes is time and money!


Anonymous said...

so you hate rands & welts?
And you think crampons without bails can also be made more durable & lightweight? What about bellowed boots then, like Scarpa TX Pro?

Dane said...

I don't "hate" anything. Sticky rands should ba a part of any good climbing boot. Welts? Why bother unless you need them? I think the "bellows" and resulting flex is a good thing in the TLT and the Scarpa boots for walking. It should be *easy* to make a technical climbing crampon that fit a tech binding fitting. No bails or straps required.

Allen Currano said...

From an engineering point of view, (and I am not an engineer so take it with a grain of salt), I have a hard time seeing how a tech binding would be able to take the impact forces that kicking crampons into hard vertical ice would put on them, without causing the crampons to pop out of the fittings. Am I missing something?

Dane said...

Hi Allen,
No worries not being an engineer. But yes you can easily make an non releasable binding on a crampon with tech fittings. Easier to do that than have them release actually.