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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Light weight kit?

This from a blog reader today,

"Sorry to go off topic, but from looking at your pack contents photo, there were a few pieces of kit that could be substituted to lower the weight/bulk.Swap the GSI cookset, Snowpeak stove and MSR canister for a Jetboil Sol Ti cook system plusa 100g gas canister. Swap your BD krabs for DMM i-beam versions, eg Spectre 2 or Alpha Trad? Finally you could swap the friends for the new 'Helium' version, the Reverso 3 for the 4, and maybe even the harness for an Arc'teryx M270. All 
together I think you would be saving over a pound in weight. What are your 

Thoughts?  Good idea :)  I thought it worth weighing the suggestion, Jon :) 

1. Jetboil stove 258g
   100g fuel can 196g (110g fuel)

   Snow Peak stove 128g
   GSI cook kit 162g
   MSR can 374g (227g fuel)

My kit is 32g heavier (fuel cell sizes change depending on the project) 
But bigger fuel cells are slightly more efficient for what you carry in fuel
My Snow Peak stove and cook kit are way smaller/less bulk over all than a Jetboil

2. DMM Spectra 2 biner 32g
   DMM Alpha Trad biner 34g

   BD OZ biner 28g
   Trango Super Fly 30g

with 25 biners my kit is 100g lighter or more

3. Helium Friend  [1] 3.35 oz [2] 3.84 oz [3] 5.11 oz 

   Rigid stem Friend [1] 3.1 oz; [2] 3.80 oz; [3] 5.00 oz (sewn Spectra slings)

Carry only five cams and I am at least 25g lighter 

4. Reverso 4 56g  (edit of correct weights on my scale)
   Reverso 3 78g

same here

5. Petzl Hirundos 315g in a large
   Arcteryx M270  310g in a large

5g heavier here

Total difference in weight between the suggested kit and mine?

I am 63g lighter if not more from Jon's suggestions.  Or 2.2 oz :)
I don't doubt the Jetboil is a better stove than the Snow Peak but I normally usea MSR Reactor if I want a "real" stove.  I like the Snow Peak because of the verysmall volume it takes up in my pack. A full pound savings was being very optimistic on Jon's part. But you never know so I took the time to weigh what I have hereand make a side by side comparison. I have both Helium and older rigid stem Friends and already knew what the result would be there. Take the time to weigh and know what you have in your own pack. Jon, thanks again for the suggestion!


Anonymous said...

I'm all about cutting weight but when I catch myself checking out new gear that can save me a few dozen grammes at most, I do tend to slap myself in the face and say "come on man, you already own this shit". Buying new gear for such small savings would just be plain wasteful.

Unknown said...

The Reverso 3 & 4 don't weigh the same, do they? the 4 should be around 20/25 grams lighter.

Dane said...

New Reverso 4 is 56g and the older Reverso 3 is 78g on my scale. Sorry about that mistake and I have corrected the numbers in the blog post. It was close to a one ounce difference.

Thanks for pointing out the mistake.

Anonymous said...

Toss the BD Oz biners on your scale, according to mine (and other's), they come in at 31g vs the 28 advertised.