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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Sunday, April 15, 2012

April Give away? Melissa, Gordon and Kelly!

I've been out climbing and forgot about the April give away. Ya gotta be a member to win.  A Blue Ice chalk bag, a Boa leash and one other piece of fun climber's kit will be given away.  Three chances to win!

OK then!

The free gear?

The Blue Ice chalk bag?  One of the very few in North America I suspect!
It goes to: Melissa Harms

The Blue Ice Boa Leash?   
It goes to: Gordon Green

And an amazing assortment of MOJO Cliff bars goes to : Kelly
Hurry with that email because they are a pretty good snack!

Send me an way or another and I'll get your prize mailed out to you.  Till then there is always the next drawing ;)


kcan said...

Am I the only Kelly on this list? I do love those mojo bars!

Dane said...

The "Kelly" that won looks to be female and has a blogger profile of just "Kelly" not "kcan". So from that info it at least looks like another Kelly at the moment.