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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Come on! Why aren't these still being made?

La Sportiva?  Dynafit? Scarpa?  Kolfach?   Come on guys it is about time someone reinvented the wheel here again !  I'd buy a pair in a heart beat!  This is the 2005 Dynafit Mtn LT Model.  Was it ever produced in any numbers?  Ever imported to the US?  Any of the readers here still have or used a pair?

I want a pair!  And I don't really care who makes them.  Just give me an inner boot I can heat mold and I am good to go.  2.5 # per boot please in a size 45/ US 12.

This would seem to be a no brainier for the boot makers.


Mike said...

Put me down for at least one pair! I'd love to see a Scarpa Phantom Guide with tech inserts.

tony said...

I have a pair of MLT4 shells in a size 27.0 301bsl for sale. The guy I bought them from has some intuition liners that will work with them. If you are interestedin them, contact me at anthonyrabinowitz at att dot net

tony said...

Just to clarify, the MLT4s I have for sale are the Mountain Lite Dyna boots that are in the review in the blog post above.

Unknown said...

Seems like a decent idea,but what would make these better than the tlt5?

Dane said...

Think of what Dynafit is capable of doing today with the TlT5 technology as the basis for a pure mtn boot built specifically for technical climbing and the required ski-mo.

Noah said...

I would argue that the TLT 5 is about as close as the current market will get.

Think about it, the TLT 5 is more than a competent climber for SkiMo. (my usual ski mountaineering boot is the ZZeus which doesn't come close to the TLT's climbing prowess but still can climb anything in the world of Ski Mountaineering)

My point being that anything better than the TLT 5 would detract from skiing ability, which is the opposite of market trends. Like it or not, downhill performance rules. It just sells more boots.

The TLT 5 would have been just another rando racy boot if it were not for the increased downhill chops.

Glad to have the TLT 5, more excited about the Vulcan and One series though.

Noah said...

Also, I do see a spot for a boot like a Spantik with tech fittings in the future.

This is mostly due to the fact that Salewa will not be importing Silvertta 500's after 2012.

Dane said...

Couple of comments from my point of view. First one is, skis open up all sorts of alpine terrain in winter. The Euro crowd has known that for years while in NA snow shoes are just as common until recently as skis have been in the alpine scene.

Anyone with a skiing back ground knows that a even a poor rando boot is light years ahead of any climbing boot when it comes to the down.

There is no question the best of the lwt tech bindings are the future. Salewa's ski-mo bindings have been "the walking dead" for some time now. Tech bindings keep getting lighter and better. 6oz for mine?

The missing link is a lwt dbl boot that will climb technical ground exceptioanlly well. All the bits and pieces of the kit are there now. TLT is a good example as is the Spantik, Baruntse or Phantom 6000. Just no one has bothered to put them all together into one boot.

I suspect the price point and demand is there now since the super lwt and super performance skis and bindings are available now.

The MTN LT was way ahead of its time imo. Mate a modern version of that boot with carbon and the Race LT Dynafit binding, La Sportiva RT or Plum Rac versions and a pair of Broad peak skis and you have a set up that you could get a lot done with.

I'm not talking ski-mo for "climbing" but real climbing @ M7 and Grade 5 water ice. TLT is good but it aint that good in comparison to the best of the current mtn boots.

There is pleanty of technology left on the table to produce a high level ski boot that will laso climb technical ground with ease.

The customer base just has to demand it be produced and then be willing to buy the end result.

Wilson Alpine said...

Dear LaSportiva (and Dane, and Dane's readers)

I would very much like to have a pair of tech-fitted Spantiks (and or Olympus Mons) boots. Why not add this?

We could finally put any non-tech binder (silverettas and the like) where it belongs--in the trash can with all other unnecessarily antiquated ridiculously heavy ass crappy gear.

I mean really, my lightest skis (per foot) weigh about as much as a full nalgene bottle.

This idea is neither "all about the down" (see BD's consumerist ad campaign) nor is it about how well the boots will perform compared to a TLT 5.

The whole point is efficient, light travel in the mountains. And that my friends is alpinism.

So, LaSporiva, can I pretty pretty please have tech fittings in my Spantiks, Oly Mondos, and Hell, my Baturas too?

Sincerely yours,

Nate Brown
Wilson, Wyoming

Dane said...

My skis with bindings attached are 2# 14oz. per ski. Skins another 7oz per ski to add to that. I suspect it is the same set up Nate is using.

True alpine boots are a full light year behind that technology at the moment.

The first company that decides to break the mold here will dominate the market for a few years if not the next decade. And that market will double the skimo market we are just now seeing explode.

skylerd said...

YES! Please. Someone make a damn technical climbing boot that I don't have to carry in my pack while I ski to a climb. I live in the Coast Range, snow shoes do not work in this much snow. Slowshoeing is also just slow and lame.

Noah said...

I guess my point was that with ski companies, and in the case of Lasport and other climb/ski brands, there is still a wall between the ski world and the climbing world.

I would love a boot that stands on its own in either relm. Every year the market turns out more product to fit the sidecountry/freeride crowd, but the popularity of the TLT5 gives me hope that demand exists on the light and technical side of the spectrum as well.