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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dynafit Speed Skins? Help!?

I'm a little desperate here.  I just bought a pair of Se7ev Summit Dynafit skis and figured getting the Dynafit skins would be easy.  Seems there are none to be had in the US through normal channels.  Anyone know where I can get a pair?  Do they ever go on sell in Chamonix?   I'm looking for a pair in 163cm.

Huge "THANK YOU!" to everyone that offered sources and advice on the skin search.  
With everyone's help I was able to find a pair of Speed Skins for my new boards this morning!  Seemingly the last pair still available in the US ;-)   Truely pure chance but both skis and skins came from REI


Rodney Sofich said...

Call Jeremy at the Mountainshop in Portland,OR. 503-288-6768.

Greg said...

Telemark Pyrenees and Sport Conrad both show them in stock - not really cheap, but they have them. TP price shipped to the US is 114.55€ plus 26€ shipping = $202.85at the moment.

I buy stuff on a regular basis from both companies and have not had any problems - they both have staff who speak English as well.

Jared said...

I like the Dynafit skin attachment system and the skin material. If I can't find the right size, I order a larger size--like a Manaslu--and then cut them down. Getting the width is straightforward enough. Getting the length is a bit trickier. I keep the Dynafit tail hook and cut the top of the skin to rig a conventional "race attachment"--bungee cord sewn into skin with a washer to fit in the ski notch. I'll send you a picture.

You'll need to be careful that the top of the skin doesn't taper too much. Otherwise, snow gets under the skin.

Unknown said...

Any luck on this yet? I will check the shop I work at tomarrow.