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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Praxis ski discount?

I am a big fan of what Keith at Praxis is doing with skis.  Both the products (the Praxis in our house are awesome!)  and how he markets..."Internet sales only!"

Because of that, Keith  markets a little differently.  If I really didn't believe Praxis skis are some of the best being made these days I'd not bother to shill for him.  I got an generic email from Praxis a few minutes ago which instigated this blog post.

Praxis prices are already good when you compare the skis side by side to DPS or some of the other semi custom, hand made skis.  No one I know of offering fully custom skis like Praxis is offering if you have a hankering.

So the deal at the moment is 15% off retail for friends and family.  If you read the blog and find some thing useful here I consider you "friends and family".   The idea is to give the previous Praxis customers a store credit incentive by having us promote the ski to our social group.  Trust me...I have no need for more skis or store credit.  Not the reason I added this blog.  They are just really good skis and I like being able to support the Praxis business model.

If you need a great pair of new ski...give Praxis a shout.  Tell them you want that 15% off!!   And no I don't need loyalty points for your purchase.  Don't want it, thanks.


The carbon version of the GPO is an all time favorite skis of mine for any use.
My bet is you'll like yours just as much as I like mine!

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