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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Looking for ice axe parts and pieces?

Unlikely I suspect but you never know what might turn up if you ask.

I am looking for the spike and ferrule from an Camp-Interalp axe.  They made all the hand forged Chouinard Piolets and a good many axes for REI among others, as well as axes under their own trade name.

I am looking specifically for the wide style spike (pictured above) and steel or aluminum ferrule required to fix to a shaft.  Old and beaten is fine.  I can rehab them.  And I am willing to pay for what you might have plus the shipping.  I have no concern on the shaft or head condition or make and model.  Just need the correct style of period spike and ferrule.   Another version that would work is from a wood Chouinard  Zero which is still full width but a bit shorter and has a hole drilled midway along the spike.

Not from Camp-Interalp but even the composite shaft version would work 

wood version

REI's Camp-Interalp version

Grivel's version

REI logo on a Premana Camp-Interalp axe

If you have something I might use please send me an email.....

A huge thanks!   And hoping one will turn up.


Anonymous said...

I´m not sure, if this is the right place to put the link but could this be something new from Petzl.
Hope it works!

Anonymous said...

Since this is a post about spare parts... I have a Chouinard ice axe and was wondering if there are many replacement picks floating around (and how much I can expect to pay for one)

Dane said...

Do you have a picture of the original interface? Not the current one BD is using? Ebay?

Stainless Armadillo said...

I am restoring an old wood handled ice axe. I need a glide ring for a wrist loop. Or if you have one with an old loop on it that's OK too. Also looking for the bottom screw in ring stop if you have one you would sell me. My email is noted below. Would like to hear from you.
Best regards,

Reed Newman
Bulverde, Texas

Stainless Armadillo said...

I noticed this blog goes back to 2014. (is anybody out there?) I am looking for old ice axe parts too. I enjoy restoring the wood shaft models since I grew up with those. Most of them are wall hangers or for hiking only. I have corresponded with Skye Cooley, he has a lot of knowledge on restoration. I need a glide ring (or two). Ferrules, spikes and wrist loops are had made when needed, however, if anyone has any for sale let me know. I make my own wood shafts and that takes a little time & skill. I guess restoration has gotten popular as parts are scarce. Somewhere in Austria and Switzerland there are probably wooden barrels full of rusty heads is
Hang in there,