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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Friday, March 22, 2013

All mountain skis? The Dynafit Huascaran.


I've been lucky enough to ski a dozen new skis in the last couple of weeks. All of them hand picked for possible inclusion in my personal "ultimate" quiver. No ski to date more of a surprise or more impressive as a true "all mountain ski", than... the new Dynafit Hauscaran. This is truly one amazing ski. Helped to have 2+' (yes 2+ feet) of new, untracked hero snow today to play on.  It is the Cascades after all so anything you can actually ski here that is 2' deep IS, almost unbelievable, hero snow.  And it was snowing hard enough to fill it in all day long.  Did I mention it was almost untracked from 9AM to 4PM because it kept snowing so hard?  Just one of THOSE days :)     But literally, from water ice, to cut up crud and a hard rain crust to some amazing POW;  the Hauscaran will rip fast GS turns or dance in the deep and steep stuff amid tight trees. Effortless in either situation, even for me!  An amazing ski.  And now I know why so many decide to wear a helmet.


Even more impressive to me knowing that I was doing all this while skiing a pair of light weight TLT 5 Performance boots and the new TLT Speed Superlite RACE Binding (185g).  The same boot the original designer said it was "stupid to ski them off the lifts".  They are that light.  But they do ski well ;)    Turns out, for no special reason, it was a Dynafit day.  I hadn't planned it that way.  This set up was to be my "lwt fat" ski for longer mid winter touring days.  The Hauscaran is all that and a bag of chips!  But I am rethinking what might be its other uses now and what it would do with a "real" ski boot bolted on.  Something like the Mercury or Vulcan.  may be even the One.  I know my Zero4 Carbons are way, way too much boot for this ski,  in a 177.  No need for that much power! 

These are short @ 177cm.  Taking advantage of the size/weight of the binding these (ski & binding)  weigh in at 8# 10oz. First time I have ever thought about buying a 2nd pair of the same ski...the next one in a 196cm. Two sizes, two different boots to drive them and two totally different uses for the ski.
The 178cm is 134-112-123 and 1780g weights in at .  The 196cm is 136-115-125 and weights in at 1940g. And yes, it was snowing :)  

In the next few weeks hopefully I'll get the time to write up all the skis I've been riding recently.  And my ideas behind the "ultimate quiver".    Along with some old and new boots and some of the accessories I've found really useful this winter for skiing in bounds and out.

But as I mentioned this ski was a total surprise.  I wasn't expecting much from such a big skis.  And what the Hauscaran delivered was pretty impressive in my limited experience.  Enough so that I wanted to do an early heads up on it tonight.   'Cuz it is snowing like crazy at the house right now and  likely a huge dump up on the hill for tomorrow!


CCB said...

You might find this interesting:
Both Lars and Si have won Freeskiing World Tour events on this gear.

CCB said...

You might find this interesting:
Both Silas and Lars have won Freeskiing World Tour events on this gear.

Gear:30 said...

Totally agree on the Huascaran. Been skiing it all winter and haven't found conditions yet that it didn't ski well (except maybe boiler plate ice, but that may have been more user error than the ski's fault). In the past I have dreaded lugging a fat ski up the mountain and was willing to ski a skinny ski, even on a deep day, just to be more efficient on the up. But, these skis are surprisingly light and I rarely leave these behind because they're too heavy.

On a personal not to you, Dane, we've got Huascarans and Vulcans at 60% off at the shop in Ogden. Two items that are hard to find at more than 25% off. Actually, all bc skiing gear and clothing is 40-60% off. If you are in the market for anything, let me know and, in some cases, I can do even better than our sale prices.

Dane said...

Thanks Greg, that is a screaming deal not often available to the geenral public. Buy it while it lasts! I did.

John B said...

Well just bought a new set of boots with the 60% off deal.

Unknown said...

177 Huascarans dynafit speeds maestrale 27.5 boots 4 inches powder and deep powder on and off piste. i weigh 176 pounds. i love these things. never saw any ice to try skiing on so cannot comment on icy conditions. i guess dynafit is not making these anymore? a shame IMHO, someday i will wear these out...

Dane said...

Ni Bill! I still have a pair and still love them. Funny, some time the new is not always the "best" in the ski world.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing, I am now skiing 177 Huascarans and dynafit "one" boots in an amazing snow year northern california. As good as i have ever had it, the boots fit great and the ski works in the deep powder. BTW the G3 extra grip skins are working better than my old G3s. the fibers are longer, it really works better. my 99 Wailers remain in the closet this year. they just do not float enough yet. too much powder.