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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'd like to see these two get married!

I know, hard to visualise but I would really like to see these two boots have mutant off spring in a size 45.

How about a real climbing boot you can actually ski in that is tech binding compatible @ about 900g per boot?

"The truth is that LaSportiva's original heritage business was leather ski boots and when it all went to plastic in the 70's La Sportiva abandoned the category because they couldn't afford the plastic injection mold investment costs and that is when they really started focusing on climbing and mountaineering"
Colin Lantz, La Sportiva
The brain trust is there, who better to combine the two technologies?

Something similar in volume to the TLT and a price around the TLT Performance's retail?    Double the retail price of the Spantik and still save money?!

Photo courtesy of Krister Jonsson

The technology is obviously there now.   Not like we are looking back to the future or anything.  Galiber's "Rigid Rand" from the '70s.

Scott Super Lights from the '70s as well. 

With the current technology this would be easy.  Would you want a pair?


Wyatt said...

I would have already bought a pair of the TLT5's if it weren't for the low volume fit. Can't wait till scarpa makes their own version of a boot like this cause I want one bad!

Dane said...

Hey Wyatt, just a thought but if you have tried on the shells and can get a decent fit in them you might find that the TF liners are much more forgiving than you might first think for fit.

From my own experience I don't think many US boot fitters yet have a handle on what can be done with this liner or how. The shell even less so. That will change quickly once more boots are out there. But if you can get a foot in the shell I'd bet you could easily be fit to the TF liner by someone who knows what they are doing...large or small volume foot.

Anonymous said...

i am seconding this, but i think that to be trustworthy, this kind of boot must be capable to withstand some "repairs", too - resoles (maybe changeable sole blocks, but w/o microslop), user-serviceable hardware (buckles) etc. Also it has to be resistant to edges and crampons (some durable cover is needed).

Last, _if_ i wanted it with Telemark bellows (because of turn itself, think Scarpa Terminator X Pro-like), i'd want more bellows compression, as pointed in , AND the bellows lock-out (when you need it rigid).

Hell, can't we just have a modular boot?
People travel to space.
Am i wanting too much?

marcello said...

Do you know of any very warm double boot ice climbing boots that are all carbon fiber? I saw a guy with those carbon fiber sportivas sking in the back woods the other day and thought if they had made a pair of them for climbing? Also what do you think are a very warm technical double boots for climbing and such? how would you compare the baruntse to the spantiks? Sorry for all the questions, if u can answer then they would be very valued.

Dane said...

No carbon climbing boots yet. Give it time. Lots of comparisons, comments on the Spantik, 6000 and Baruntse in this blog...just look around or do a search in the box on the high left corner...

Goggle search for any of those boots will send you back here as well.