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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Monday, February 1, 2010

Will it fit me?

A lot of what I want to do with this blog relates to gear. Specifically what can be gleaned from the reviews I write of my own gear.

But to make the info even remotely useful I need to give you, the readers, some personal stats. Not because I really want to but because for the info to be useful I really have to. No doing so is like my lovely wife telling me how much she loves her new shoes....awesome fit, perfect for work etc.

But is she a model in NY or a cop in LA. We need some perspective, right?

You need to know what my intended use is and my sizes.
So figure everything reviewed here, unless noted, is for winter alpine climbing, generally easy M grades and steep ice. I 'll note my personal details as required in each review.

Good reference point is when anyone recommends mtn boots or rock shoes, you need to ask their Brannock shoe size. If you don't know your Brannock shoe size make a point of going to a good shoe store (Nordstrum's for example) and get measured. Then file that info in the back of your brain. Another good reference point, at least for just length, is your Nike runner shoe size.

It is nothing more that a reference point to start the conversation.

My street so size on a Brannock device is 11.5. I have a B foot that is getting slightly wider as I age (between a B/C now) and a AA heel and really (and I do mean really) skinny ankles. So heel hold down is a problem for me. My right foot is a tiny bit longer in the big toe so if the boots are close, say a typical 45 La Sportiva I can bump that toe a tiny bit if I am not laced right. Depends on where I want to use the boot, and how good its lacing system is, if I can live with a "bump" on that foot.

What works for me may not work for you.

But to understand each other we have to start the conversation in a common language.

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