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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Not for everyone...

But life continues to get better in the mtns.

A solid performance combo in any soft snow condition:
Dynafit Huascaran, 177cm, 112mm under foot.  Speed Superlight binding.  8# 12.5oz
Dynafit TLT6 size 28, 6# .5oz

Total 14# 13oz

And a similar set up in many ways cutting 4+ #s off the weight on your feet.

Dynafit Denali,  176cm, 98mm under foot, Dynafit race bindings with a heel track.  6# 6.5oz
Scarpa Alien size 29,  4# .5oz

Total 10# 7oz

4# 6oz off your feet.....which is easier translated as "30# off your back".

Difference in performance on the downhill?  Not as much as you might imagine.

Going up hill?  More than you would first think.  The amount of energy saved on even a short tour is impressive.  Over a day's effort even more so.  The ramifications of the lighter gear really has to be seen and measured to be appreciated.

Take a look here for more:


Nicolaï Michel said...

The weight of the Scarpa Alien seems to be wrong.

Dane said...

It was, thanks. Corrected now.

Anonymous said...

how about some ice gear again??

Dane said...

Is there something new for ice climbing I have missed recently?

Less writing, more climbing and skiing :-)